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The Obligation of Good Will

A new religious order founded by worshipers of the Pantheon of creation. The pantheon consists of Dianecht, Dunatis, Lugh and Goibnu, all gods associated with civilization.
The order’s philosophy can be summarized in one line:

"Duty, safety, sacrifice, but peace above all!"

This blessing is often repeated by priests and worshipers of the faith. Worshipers are
expected to promote peace at all times and as such are forbidden to carry any form of
weapon or armor as these are tools of violence. Although violence is abhorred by
the order, it is not completely pacifistic and does allow its members to fight to protect
themselves. The only way allowed to fight is using divine magic as the power is granted by the gods. 


The Litany of the Bringers

The only practiced religion in the Fallen Lands. It is
seen as a dangerous cult in most other parts of the world.

Long ago, angels descended from above and brought knowledge and protection to the mortal races. These angels called themselves the Bringers. 

The scripture and word of the Bringers is known as the Litany of the Bringers. It proclaims the gods to be beings so powerful and vast that mortal lives are insignificant in comparison. The Bringers themselves are said to be the divine will of the gods given form. Worshiping the Bringers is the only true way of worshiping the gods. 




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