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Yanika's Story - Prelude

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

“I warned you that it was a terrible idea to mix the two substances together in such quantities”

Yanika said with a soft groan as she picked herself up from the floor and rub her hurt bum. She had landed quite unsoftly on the hard floor of the apartment when the concoction Helix had been making had exploded. Her goblin friend looked at her from the other side of the room, his lips curled up in a mischievous grin.

“But it worked!”

She glared at him for a moment before surveying the mess the explosion had made. Alchemical supplies were scattered around the room, the table had a large burned spot in the middle, leaving only the edges and corners untouched, a thin whiff of smoke rising from the charred surface, and everything in the room that was loose had been flung away. The place looked like a tornado has passed through it.

“Worked he said….”

As she tried to return some semblance of order to her hair, she let out a soft sigh. The experiment they had been working on was intended to create some very colorful fireworks and smoke effects for the upcoming festivities. Instead it had reduced their apartment to a smoldering pile of chaos.

"We better clean this up before Zaela comes back or she’ll kill us”

This time it was Helix who grunted, the grin disappearing from his face at the mention of their orc friend. He rubbed some soot away from his large nose, which only served to spread it out more, and got to his feet. Most f his face looked black from the explosion, with only a few patches of his green skin still visible, but even though he groaned at the idea of having to face Zaela’s wrath, the twinkle of mischief quickly returned to his eyes.

“Don’t you worry about it Yanika! We all know you’re her favorite, so it won’t be your ears she’ll be chewing off…besides, mine are bigger anyway;”

He said with a playful wink. Yanika smiled at her friend’s optimism and shook her head before surveying the disaster that was their home. She moved to pick up the nearest items and return them to their proper place. Helix quickly joined her in cleaning up the mess they had made.

“We still have some time before she returns so we’ll manage. Besides, I’d rather not see you lose an ear over this, I quite like them”

Yanika grinned at Helix and gave his ear a playful tug, and was rewarded with huge grin from her goblin friend.

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