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Yanika's letter

My dear friends,

I write this letter to you to apologize for leaving you all behind and to explain why I did it. As you all know my love, Emine, has been ordered to head north with the expedition, and will be gone for several months. Seeing as how badly the last expedition went, I could not get it over my heart to let her go alone. At least if I am there, I can do all that is in my power to keep her safe! So I have lobbied with the guild master and the guild to let me go also, but it is out of their hands, and getting permission would take too long, so I have found someone to smuggle me on board. By the time this letter finds you, it will be too late to follow me, and I hope (and believe) they will not turn around just to drop me off again.

Why I did not talk to any of you about this is simple. I knew that if I did, all of you would do everything in your power to get myself, and probably all of you, on board and on the expedition. But I cannot ask any of you to take that risk, and as getting on board unseen successfully requires a great deal of stealth, I thought my success in doing this alone would be greater. I hope you will forgive me for this.

If all goes well, I will see all of you again in a few months, hopefully with some amazing stories to tell! And I look forward to hearing from you on how our adventures continued. I leave you in the capable hands of Zaela, and I have left the plans for the Portal Collapsing Contraption with Helix. He is quite capable of building it for you if you need it, even though it might explode with a bit more of a bang.

Enclosed in this letter you will find the sending stone, so we can at least keep in contact a little bit, in case something urgent happens.

To Spade: please keep Kayne and Zebulor out of trouble as much as you can! Without me there, they will need your guidance and common sense more than ever!

To Ace: please take good care of Spade, don’t let him loose side of that human touch!

To Zebulor: keep up the good work with Ace and Aitlas, I expect to be attending a wedding when I get back!

To Aitlas: keep our friends safe with your steadfast resolution!

To Kayne: keep reminding our friends that sometimes direct action needs to be taken, instead of aimlessly discussing possible courses!

To Majid: don’t go torturing people! (just kidding) Guide our friends to safety whenever they need it!

With all my love,

Your friend and companion,

Yanika Prestor

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