Why the old man?

Now I gots me a confession to make right here. See after that whole ghost nonsense, I wasn’t really feeling a hundred percent. Ya know, after it worked it’s dark mojo on me. Thus I decided to take a little break to recharge. Ya know in order to stoke the inner fire a bit. Now this sadly means that I kinda missed a few things, so it might get a little confusing from here on, but I’ll try to get ya up to speed on things.

So when I met up with the gang again, thems was discussing what to do about that bastard Estar. See they discovered that he was having nightly get-togethers with the guild master’s daughter Maerissa, at the burned down guildhouse. The guild master’s UNDERAGE daughter. Yeah that really got ma blood steaming. Specially when some of us was talking about keeping the secret as according to them, they was only dancing at night at the site cause it was nice and quiet there. Yeah I quickly put a stop to that by saying that we would either tell the guild master together or I would by myself. Cause I know that if it was my daughter they were talking bout and someone knew bout something like that and didn’t tell me, I would beat them up almost as badly as the soon to be deceased jackass who dared to lay his hands on my little girl. So no, just keeping quiet wasn’t an option.

But, I admit that this was a delicate situation we was dealing with. So I suggested that Ace and Yanika should go and have a talk with the girl. Ya know, to get her to open up to them by means of a delicate feminine touch. Woman to woman. Sadly this went bove Bull’s head as he followed the two of them to Maerissa’s room. Now I was genuinely concerned bout this, as I consider Bull to be a solid guy who I can rely on. I do not have the highest confidence in Bull’s ability to handle these kind of things with grace or tact. Luckily, the presence of Ace and Yanika was enough to offset that as Yanika came back down later to tell us that all was well and that Maerissa had seen reason and decided to end the relation.

Now with that seemingly taken care of, there was another lead that we had to chase down. Turns out that a group of engineers had arrived in town in order to work on the new guildhall. Or rather, while they had docked, no one had seen them yet. And they’ve been in town for like two week already. Now I don’t need to tell you that that sounds mighty suspicious. So we headed down to the docks in order to take a look at their ship to see what we could stir up. Now Gears, Ace and Scruffy gave the deck a good look over in order to find some clues and to see if anyone had entered the ship recently. But they came up short. Thus I decided to simple take a peek inside the ship. Now if there’s one smell you will never forget once ya smelled it, then it is the smell of a rotting corpse. And it was that very smell that awaited us as I opened the door. The crew, some still in their bunks and some strewn about the hallway, laid death before us. The lucky once were probably awakened by the sounds of the killer slicing their mates’ throats as they slept. They at least were able to die on their feet, a weapon in hand, striving for survival. But even so, there’s no doubt in my mind that thems was just outclassed. The killer, and it was clear that there was only one, had cut them down where they stood, obviously a pro. But still a slim chance regardless of how small, is still better then none. But I digress. We searched the hull after that, and it had been picked clean. Not a single crate remained of what our guildies Yanika and Bull said would be highly specialized tools that the crew would need for their work. Now you might be wondering how a single guy managed to take off with all that, without drawing attention from folk at the docks. And the answer to that is obviously magics and powerful ones at that. See Gears and Scruffy found traces of what turned out to be a teleportation circle. So he obviously used that in order to secure the goods. Sadly however this also means that there is no way of knowing where he had taken them. As there was no more clues to be found at the ship, we informed the guards and the guild master of our discoveries and then turned to the next bit of business.

Member the ghost I told ya bout earlier. At least I can’t see how ya could forget bout him. We decided to put him to rest by giving him a burial. Ya know symbolically. So we took him to the same place where we buried Torrok and had the undertaker give him his rites. Now at one point, Gears decided to take off for a spell. See he had spotted an old man walking around dressed in black and decided that an old man dressed in black at a cemetery was mighty suspicious and decided to walk out of the funeral that he had organized in order to keep an eye on him. He followed the old man around from the shadows until he left the cemetery before getting us. See the man had placed two flowers, black roses, at this black marble tombstone. Curious, he asked the undertaker who was buried there. And when he said that no one was buried there, his curiosity only grew. Member what I told you bout seeing the gears working in his head? Yeah that was the look he was giving us. But mind you, he was not alone. See everyone of them, even Yanika whom I consider to have the most common sense out of all of us, besides me off course, instantly decided that that old man, whom they’ve just seen for the first time while he was visited an unmarked tombstone in a graveyard, was the most suspicious person in all of the city. Regardless of all the stuff we was already investigating at that time. Look you’re a smart guy right? Maybe you can explain to me what I am missing here. Cause by the Morrigan’s hairy armpit, to this day I still don’t know what garnered their initial interest into the business of the old man. It is beyond me. Now mind you, when I saw the undertaker giving that tombstone the greedy eye, I also stepped up. See I did feel a bit sorry for the old man, I mean he’s obviously not that well of and apparently it was a crime for him to pay his respects to his loved ones. So I convinced the undertaker to leave the stone alone for a while and left a note for the old man besides the tombstone. Ya know just to warn him that the undertaker was going to nick off his stone if he didn’t get things in order and that when he needed help, he could come find me at the inn here. Ya know cause I figured that he couldn’t move the stone by himself.

After that, we decided to do a bit more digging with Yanika, Blue and myself going to Hillside city hall and the rest going to one of the largest shops in the Arcanum district to see if someone tried to pawn of those tools from the airship. Now at city hall, Yanika tried to get some more information on the old man. More particularly the symbol on the marble tombstone. Sadly the chamberlain didn’t recognize it, but she would look into it. However the head of the guards, Grom, was a bit more useful. See the description of the old man seemed to fit with the description of a man who had been skulking around a part of the noble district. But when they went to investigate, he had already took off. Interestingly though is the fact that in the street where he was spotted there is one abandoned house that had been forgotten by time. A house with black roses in the back.

Satisfied with that, we left to join up with the others at the guild inn. Or rather me and Blue did, Yanika said she had to take care of an errant before that. Can’t tell ya would it is though as she was being real secretive bout it. Now I will admit that I was a bit nervous, seeing as the idiot jester still wanted her death, but I figured that he’s just a small lizard playing at being a dragon. And seeing as this was the noble district, she would be fine. Now the others didn’t really learn much at the Right Ingredient. What they did figure out is that a couple of weeks ago Estar had come round looking for tools similar to the ones that had been taken from the ship. But seeing as they didn’t have them, he just stormed off angrily.

Speaking of whom, when he entered the guild, I could feel my blood heating up. See I was still angry bout what he did to that young girl and I just wanted to deck him then and there like the roach he was. But I figured that the rest of them wanted to ask him some questions bout what they had learned and that me following my instincts might cause some problems with that. So I just hanged back at the bar till he left. After he left, the gang told me that he didn’t seem to know anything bout what was happening, leading to two theories coming up. With Yanika thinking that someone was messing with his memory, while Gears figured that someone was impersonating him. While these are good theories, I’ve often found that the simplest explanation is often best. Estar is a creep who is taking advantage of a young girl in order to scheme about and is in dire need of a good thrashing to put him in his place.

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