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Third letter to Yanika: Straga and the assassins

Updated: Dec 28, 2022

My dearest friend,

I hope your travels are going well and without too much difficulty? I look forward to your return and spending a good few evenings drinking and eating and catching up. Sitting with you and listening to your stories is definitely one of the highlights of my evenings!

Here business has gone more or less back to normal, meaning we decided to investigate Straga some more, and we’re getting confronted by assassins. I assume the elven assassins you told me about some weeks ago, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

First of all Kayne took a bunch of the group along to the giants to sell them the formula for the potions to enter the Black Maze, and the formula for the contraption to close the portals. He also got a deal with them to open up the tunnels to the underground temple again, the one where you lost Goyra. In the meanwhile, Spade and I went to the Racks to see if we had any messages from other Spade, but he wasn’t home.

We spent the rest of the day trying to find more information on Straga and the Stormrifles, and especially the merchants from Cliffside hold, who’ve already had dealings with them in Guildport, are not too happy to see them here. They are basically a thug mob under personal command of Alexi Garadin, they’re corrupt, operate outside of the law and bully people. We didn’t find much information on Straga though, except that she hangs out in the Racks all day long.

So the next day we went to the Racks to talk to the local gangs and see if they could give any information on her, considering she’s hanging out with the newest of the gangs, the Black Fangs Gang, led by Ardell. There are two major gangs in the Racks, and we went to talk to one of them, the Mystics. They have taken up residence in an old abandoned temple and are led by Erradon, a hobgoblin priest. He couldn’t tell us much about Straga, but did have some information on Ardell. Somehow, despite being new in town, he has managed to gain power very quickly, and brutally.

And then the assassins started to come into the picture. It began with visiting the old office in the Racks and being referred to a food-merchant asking for us, but when we went to check with the merchant, he had never heard of us, so either new Spade is lying, or the merchant is. In the evening I went back to the office and broke in to check if I could find any information on him being in league with the assassins, but couldn’t find anything.

The first real threat from them came when we gathered again in the new office to compare notes and decide what to do. We noticed Selke eating something strange, radishes dipped in chocolate, and some of us tried it too, but it turned out to be heavily poisoned, nearly killing Ace and Zebulor on the spot. I managed to heal both to keep them alive though. Of course all of this put Selke under suspicion, because she seems to be unaffected, and Zebulor figured out she’s under the effect of a Heroes’ feast spell, which makes her immune to poison. She doesn’t seem to know anything about what is happening though, but I am going to keep a close eye on her.

While trying to figure out what to do next, which involved a discussion about using your chickens to test the poison, and Kayne heavily objecting to this, someone outside must have used magic on Kayne, as he attacked Spade out of the blue, followed by Zebulor. Some rushed outside to see if they could find the assassin, while I disarmed Kayne, who seems to be in full control except for when he makes these attacks. With the assassin gone, and Kayne back to normal, we investigated where Selke got the food from. Turns out she got it at a street festival, which everyone in the street attended, but no-one helped organize. All of this perfectly fits into their modus operandi. Aitlas rushed to Opal to talk to him about this, but Opal said he’s unaware of the assassins having arrived, but will look into it.

In the evening, me and Kayne went to the Racks because I wanted to check if new Spade is involved with the assassins, and in the meanwhile, the rest headed to the temple of the Mystics to attend a service done by Erradon. From what they told afterwards, he spoke of a Dark Overlord coming to Himmin and plunging all of the world into darkness from here. He was given a vision of this by the Gods, and sports a tattoo of a Golden Owl.

The next morning Kayne informed us that he had a plan in dealing with the assassins, which involved buying some exotic pet to spot hidden and invisible enemies. In the end he returned with a pseudodragon named Kayda, and we had to inform him that pseudodragons are intelligent beings, so keeping one as a pet would be considered slavery. Kayne was so nice to immediately free her and offer her to stay with us and help.

So that is all for now, I will keep you updated on what happens with the assassins.

If anything, hanging out with your group never gets boring.

With love,


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