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The one with Yanika’s crush

Yanika fell backwards on the bed with her arms spread out, a soft pleased sigh leaving her lips as she looked up at the ceiling. “I think I might be in love”. She said to no-one in particular. Zaela and Helix looked at each other before looking at their redhaired friend laying on the bed. The goblin alchemist let out a soft chuckle and winked at Zaela. “Who’s the unlucky person this time around to be the object of your affection?”. Yanika, having either not heard the goblin, or choosing to ignore the remark, continued. “She’s the most beautiful girl I have ever seen, or rather woman I should say, she’s not exactly a girl anymore.”. The statement being one that Zaela and Helix had heard a few times before. Every time their friend had told them about her latest crush it was always the most beautiful and amazing boy or girl she had ever seen. The big thing speaking for Yanika was that she had a diverse taste. Men, women, humans, orcs, elves...anything went really. “She has the most gorgeous long hair, falling around her head and shoulders like a dark waterfall, framing a beautiful light skinned face with the most delicious full red lips I have ever seen. I so long to kiss them.”. She let out another soft sigh and rolled over onto her stomach, resting her head on her hands as she looked at her friends, a soft smile on her lips and a faraway look in her eyes, daydreaming about the encounter she had had earlier in the day. “But I’m afraid she’s out of reach though, I don’t think she’d even remember me if I walked past her again.”.

The young girl looked sad for a moment at the prospect of never being able to taste those lips, but then again, that was what usually happened with her crushes. Yanika easily fell in love, but approaching someone she was interested in was another story altogether. “Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself. A lot has happened since Ace and Spade made the deal with that psychopath Brand. We went back to poor Eric’s house to see if we could find more information, with Spade checking out the house, and Majid, Ace and Aitlas chatting with the neighbours. We learned from that that he had a wife and child, and that his wife didn’t seem to like him very much, as they were always fighting.”. Helix and Zaela moved back to the bed when Yanika started her story in earnest. While they loved to hear about her crushes and love life, or lack thereof, they were definitely interested in hearing the rest of this adventure their friend had started on. “The neighbour also said we should look for Linda at the local butcher’s shop, as she apparently has an affair with the butcher. When we arrived at the place, it was closed, but there was light on inside. Not that odd of course considering it was already late. So we knocked and Nestor, the butcher, opened. He said he didn’t know anything about any Linda, and while he sounded most convincing to most of us, Majid’s keen senses picked up on his lies.”. The young artificer moved to sit up and stretch her arms over her head before starting to strip out of her armor. Laying down in this outfit wasn’t the most comfortable way of relaying the story after all. “So we went around the back and climbed over the wall into the backyard, which, like with all our attempts at stealth, didn’t go so well. A fight broke out between Linda, Nestor and us, and it escalated badly when Kayne, still at the front, heard it and decided to charge in, foaming at the mouth.”. She wildly waved her arms around as she described the scene of the raging barbarian crashing through the door to attack the butcher and his mistress. “Luckily Majid managed to grapple him and calm him down so we could talk to the pair. Ace talked to Linda and Spade interrogated Nestor. And while they initially stuck to a story that they didn’t know who killed Eric, they finally confessed that they had killed him for the sword.”. Yanika shook her head at the sadness of it all. The entire situation could have gone better for all involved, even though she sort of had wanted justice for Eric. Even if that was someone she had never met in life, and didn’t really know anything about. “Kayne and Spade wanted to deliver them to Brand, but I couldn’t allow that to happen! They would have been tortured to death if we gave them to that psychopath, so instead I talked them into giving up the sword, in exchange for them leaving the city and never returning. But of course nothing ever goes as planned, and the sword, which Nestor had safely tucked away in his basement and guarded by a carrion crawler, had been stolen.”

By this time Zaela had gotten up and retrieved some bread and cheese, and a flask of wine for the three of them. She handed pieces of the food and cups of wine to her friends as she sat back down to listen to the rest of the story. “The others went into the basement to see if they could find a trace of the burglars, while I stayed upstairs to guard Linda. And they found a heap of trouble down there. A secret passage led into the sewers, and they stumbled upon a couple of grimlocks and their pet toads. And when I mean pet toads, I mean toads the size of horses! And those things were fierce from what I have been told. Majid and Aitlas got knocked out and Kayne got eaten by one of them! And Kayne, being a half giant, is not exactly a small boy.”. She waved her arms in excitement, almost spilling the contents of her cup of wine in the retelling of the tale, most of which she had only been told about by the others. “While the others were fighting, Nestor came back up, followed by Ace. He wanted to leave, which would have been fine by me, but Ace didn’t want to hear anything about it, planning to stop him. Which left me in the uncomfortable situation to pick between helping Ace stop Nestor and Linda, or go down into the basement to help the others. I chose to rush down to save the rest of the group, and while I ran down, Spade ran up to help Ace stop Nestor and Linda. I was just in time to save Kayne from dying, but sadly the sword is once again gone.”. She finished the cup of wine and held it out for a refill, the constant talking having made her throat dry. Zaela quickly obliged and filled up the cup once more. “So we were left with deciding what to do with the two of them, as they could now not give us the sword anymore. Spade suggested pinning the murder of Eric on the grimlocks, and deliver the couple to the Skyrifles in Hillside rise.”

“And obviously before we could do that, Ace decided to take the magical cooling orb in the butcher’s cellar, which triggered an attack by ice mephits. Now we were already heavily wounded from the previous encounters, so everyone fled the cellar as fast as they could, including Kayne who, for some reason, decided to carry me out of there with him. Which unfortunately left poor Zebular down there alone. So I rushed back down to assist him, but that ended with me being knocked out by the mephits. Somehow the others managed to get us out of there alive though, for which I am very grateful!”. She recounted the entire combat and experience as if it had been nothing, even though she had almost died to one of the ferocious attacks. Her friends looked at her in concern, but she seemed in perfect health again, so they waited until she had finished the story before they would have a proper investigation of her health and her sanity. “So after we came too again, we took the pair and the baby Jesse to the Skyrifles in Hillside Rise, and my oh my, do Spade, Ace and Majid have a history with them! We were led before their leader Emine Ada, I think, which is the absolutely stunning beauty I described earlier! She wasn’t too pleased to see the three of them but she agreed to convict Nestor and Linda, as they had already confessed to murder, but she refused to take the baby. I tried flirting a bit with her, but I don’t think it went that well.”. Yanika blushed a bit as she recalled the awkward conversation she had had with the head of the guards, though mostly remembering the beautiful face.

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