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The one with the two Estars

Yanika shoved the door of her home open with a wide grin and stepped inside, looking around for her goblin friend Helix. When she spotted him she smiled at him brightly. “Do I have a surprise for you!”. She exclaimed with a note of pleasure and a hint of mischief. Helix looked up at her warily, but the look on his face changed instantly as Yanika stepped aside, revealing Estar. “He’ll be staying with us for a while, until he has found a better place to stay or is allowed back into the guild!”. Helix looked at her in disbelief and confusion, then looked at Estar and then back at Yanika before pinching himself in one of his large ears to check if he was still sleeping. “What? How? Is that really? What do you mean allowed back into the guild? Staying with us?”. Yanika nodded at every exclamation, a huge grin on her face. “I will tell you all about it, now just make room on the table so we can get our guest something to drink and eat!”. Helix immediately pushed his work aside and wiped down the table with a cloth before rushing to the kitchen to fetch some wine and glasses, as well as some bread and cheese, eager to hear this story.

“It all started after I got back from sending the flowers to Emine, and met the rest at the guildhall. While we were talking about what to do next, Estar joined us at our table. He asked us some smalltalk questions, mostly about the Gearhead and the murders I told you about. We noticed he was acting a bit strange though, as if he wasn’t the same person we had met before. My theory being someone messed with his memories while Spade is convinced there is an imposter.”. Both Helix and Estar looked at her with interest as she told her story, Yanika only half aware she might be sharing more details to Estar than she really should. Helix filled the cups with wine and handed one to Estar first, before handing one to Yanika. “We didn’t talk much more about that, andI will get back to those theories later. After the talk we went back to the new guildhall to stay overnight again. And again during Ace and Zebulor’s watch, we got woken up by music in the main hall. As we couldn’t find the source of the music, Kayne demolished part of the wall and revealed some steel beams leading into the foundation. And these beams are translocating the sound everywhere.”.

“While investigating this, we heard the guildmaster calling out for us in a panic. We rushed back to see what was going on and he told us that Maerissa had disappeared from her room. So we rushed back to the guildhall to investigate and found out where she had gone to. There were some signs of struggle in her room, and Kayne, instantly suspecting Estar here, ran to his room and kicked in the door, but the room was empty. We did find a used spell scroll though. When we went to check for tracks outside, we found Maerissa crying in an alleyway, and she told us that Estar had teleported her out of her room to a stone hall, something like an opera house, with no exits, and that he wanted to dance with her. “. Helix looked at Estar in disbelief, and noting the look, Yanika waved away his worries while smiling at Estar. “It’s not this Estar honey, but I’m getting to that. You see, it was at this point that Estar here appeared at the guildhall, coming back from a night of drinking and merriment. Kayne immediately, impulsively knocked him out and we had to wait to wake him up again to get some questions in. He told us he had been out drinking with a guy named Adam, and told us where exactly.” Estar for his part nodded at this part of the story, rubbing his chin where Kayne had hit him, still remembering that vaguely. “We also inquired about the picture of the elven woman and he told us the story about how he had been in love with her some fifteen years ago, but she tragically died in an expedition.”. It was at this point that Yanika did remember to keep her mouth shut about the theory that Estar might be Maerissa’s father. She did not want to point that out to Estar, even though it might have been worth seeing his reaction. “And as the guildmaster has decided to kick him out of the guildhall, I offered he could stay with us for now. I’m sure you won’t mind and will be glad to hear every story Estar can tell you.”.

Yanika poured herself some more wine and grabbed some bread and cheese as Estar elaborated on the expedition story, being able to relay that far better than she ever would. She smiled as she listened, going over some details in her head. She had also not mentioned the limp or the artificial leg, not wanting to expose that more than necessary. When Estar had finished his story some time later, she resumed hers. “The next day we met up again at the guildhall and decided to split up to cover some ground. Aitlas, Majid and Zebulor went to speak with the giants to see if they knew of an old opera hall that might have disappeared. They have been here so long that they might still have records or memory of it, but they could only confirm that there used to be dwarven structures here before they built Himmin, but they demolished all of them. After this Kayne, Majid, Zebulor and me went to check out Estar’s drinking story and found it checked out. He had been out all night. You do have to settle one of your bills though.”. Yanika looked at Estar, having promised the innkeeper to tell him if she saw him. “In the meanwhile, Ace, Spade and Aitlas went to the Right Ingredient to see if they could learn more about the spell scroll. Turns out it was a scroll of teleport, and that Estar, the false one, bought three of those.”.

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