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The one with the Reverie

Yanika sat on the edge of the wall overlooking the valley below, her feet dangling freely over the sheer drop of the mountainside. Next to her, or rather slightly back was Helix, quite a bit more afraid of heights than his two companions. Zaela, sitting on the other side of Helix, was, just like Yanika, sitting right on the edge.

“I know we haven’t spent much time together to listen to your adventures, but do we have to do it here?”

He said with a slight tremble to his voice. He loved living in the city where there were walls on every side. The open air and sheer drop of the mountain made him nervous.

“We don’t, but I thought it would be a nice change to be out in the air for once. You spend way too much time inside our apartment anyway Helix.”

Yanika said with a soft chuckle, and she poked the goblin in the side with her elbow. Zaela gave her a soft smile before leaning forward a bit and taking in a deep breath from the chill morning mountain air.

“So where was I? Oh right, we had just arrested Estar and taken him to the skyrifles. Kayne suggested to go to the Reverie to celebrate, and for once we all agreed to go with him. We joined a few of the newer shows that have propped up, and I can really advise checking them out! One of them was a house of mirrors called “The castle of infinite possibilities”, very fun and very disorienting! After that we went to check out the new snakedancer, who promptly invited Zebulor onto the stage to be part of the show, much to our delight! The last show we went to was Scorch, who’s a magician doing mostly sleight of hand.”

She brushed her fingers through her long red hair and inhaled deeply, a smile playing across her lips. The evening had been a lot of fun, even though she prefered spending the time with Helix and Zaela, or with Emine. Her jolly pack of adventurers was all in a good and fun bunch, but they bumped heads a bit too much to her liking.

“After the time spent at the Reverie, it was time for the chess evening with Nathaniel, and this time I went with some of the others, because I wanted to see his reaction to Estar’s arrest. The fact that he seemed pleased with what had happened, just confirms my belief on who he really is. In thanks he also gave me the blueprints to a device that can close those portals, but making them will be difficult as it requires an object from the opposing plane of existence, not something that’s easily acquired. All of these happenings make me wonder if Nathaniel isn’t the good guy in this story. There’s more to it that makes me think this, but then I’d be getting too far ahead in the story“

She had checked the plans thoroughly of course and had guessed that gathering these ingredients would either require a lot of looking around, money and luck, or a few adventures all on their own. And while she was excited at the prospect of visiting the other planes, she also realised this was way out of their league at this point.

“The next morning we were called to Aitlas’ place because his nephew had been attacked the night before. It has something to do with a giant named Opal, so we went to have a talk with him in his place in the Racks. I Didn’t get a good vibe from him, as he seemed quite arrogant, thinking himself far above us. He didn’t want to share the information of what was going on before we proved our worth to him by passing a test. I don’t feel I have to prove my worth to anyone, especially not someone who wants our help. So I stepped outside, and was followed by the rest, leaving Aitlas as the only one who would be able to receive the information. We went to spend the rest of the day and night at Ace and Spade’s, except for Kayne, because he didn’t see a point in having strength in numbers. In the early morning we were visited by Kharan, a member of the artificer guild teaching the new members about Alchemy.”

Helix nodded at this, he knew who Kharan was of course, and most of the new artificers loved the teacher, who was always friendly and helpful.

“He wanted to talk to us about our visit to Opal, and to repay Zebulor for having been attacked in a misunderstanding. Apparently he had gotten a poison dart in his neck that had been meant for one of Aitlas’ family. Kharan told us that he’s part of an organisation, other than our Artificer Guild, and that Opal wants to kill his master. He wanted us to stay out of it and break of contact with Opal, and offered us to go talk to his master for more information. Kharan told us that his master would be waiting for us in a temple high up in the mountains, about a day’s travel up. So we gathered Kayne and some cold weather clothing, and headed up the mountain.”

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