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The one with the heartbreak

A lot had happened in the past days, and some of the scenes had played over and over in Yanika’s head, which was currently resting in Emine’s lap. She had gone to her love in these difficult times, for comfort and to get her mind straight. Besides, she enjoyed the feeling of Emine’s fingers sliding through her long red hair, more even than being able to share her stories, thoughts and worries with the captain of the Skyrifles.

“Love can be a cruel mistress I suppose.”

She said softly, her eyes closed, enjoying the feeling of Emine’s presence, her calm breathing and soothing touch.

“Kayne was very insistent on going to Stovras’ place and dealing with the undead once and for all, he was hired to do that after all, and it was to be expected that Zebulor would put up a fight. In the end everyone agreed to come along though, after we assured Zebulor that we would try and confront the nobles first, and not just barge in. Of course when we got there, they refused to see us, and it took some magic and some convincing from Zebulor for lord Stovras to come to the door. He admitted freely that he was undead, but obviously didn’t feel the need to explain himself to us, and warned us to go away, or he’d have to kill us all. Kayne was insistent though to know what they had to do with Mezanna, but as soon as he mentioned that name, lord Stovras attacked him.”

Yanika sighed softly as she recalled and recounted the rest of the fight. Lord Stovras had gone down after a short battle, and had disappeared, leaving behind a silver coin, just like the previous Shadowfell creatures. Just when he had died, Xander had appeared and also joined the fray, together with their undead servants. Eliander had been the last to join the fight, and it had saddened Yanika to have had to kill him. It had been her bullet between the eyes that had ended the noble Zebulor had been in love with, and just like his brother and father, he had disappeared and left behind a silver coin.

“We went to alert the guards, led by Grom Rellik, an old acquaintance, and managed to persuade him to explain the entire situation, without arresting us. He took us to Elsira, who listened to our story, and she believed us. Having several undead corpses laying around certainly helped with that. Zebulor in the meanwhile had run off to home, and Ace and Spade had gone to check up on him. I went there too, not wanting to postpone confronting him and to apologize for having done what was needed. He said he wasn’t angry at me, and that he realized that he had been wrong about the situation, and we hugged it out. I still feel bad for him though, heartbreak can be such a pain.”

She sighed softly and opened her eyes, looking up into Emine’s beautiful brown eyes.

“I hope I never have to endure the pain I would feel if I were to lose you.”

Emine smiled down at her and gently brushed away the tear rolling down Yanika’s cheek.

“So do I my love, but you know we can’t keep a promise of never losing each other, we can only promise to do all that is in our power to keep ourselves safe.”

With that she leaned down and planted a soft lingering kiss on Yanika’s lips, her fingers again brushing into those long red curls.

“I know.”

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