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The one with the goodbye

The wood of the ship creaked as it shifted in the wind. It was not the regular shifting of a ship at sea, and besides, Yanika had no idea how that felt, having spent her life in a city in the mountains, but she imagined it felt quite different from the gentle swaying of the skyship. It was soothing in a way as she lay in a hammock, staring at the ceiling. Emine was with the captain and the other important people, having a meeting, something they had almost every day, sometimes more than once, leaving the redhead to her own devices.

She thought back on the last two weeks before the Western Gale had set off to the north, how the group had arrived back in Himmin with Goyra, and noticed the aforementioned skyship being readied for departure. She had thought it strange at the time, The Western Gale was the flagship of the Arcanum Guild, and not used very often. But she had quickly learned why it was being readied. When arriving home at Ace and Spade’s, there had been a letter from Emine waiting for her, urging her to come to the guardhouse to talk. Spade had also received a letter, but Yanika had dropped everything and rushed to the guardhouse, worried about what was going on.

The guards at the guardhouse had sent her on to the docks, to The Western Gale, and she had found Emine there, overseeing the loading of the majestic skyship. And surprisingly, she had found her there with Estar, who should still be locked up. Emine and Yanika had then moved to one of the taverns to talk, and her love had told her that the Arcanum guild had decided to do another expedition to the north, and that she had been ordered to go along. Estar was coming of course because he had already been there, so his expertise was invaluable. Her immediate response had been to ask to go along with the ship, but it was out of Emine’s hands, and as it turned out, also out of the hands of the guildmaster. The decision had been made by the leader of the Arcanum Guild, and it would be impossible to contact him for it.

So over the next two weeks Yanika had divided her time between keeping her friends in check when they came up with ideas to murder muggers to feed the medusa, and to find a way to go on the expedition. In the end, they had made a deal with Morris, the undertaker, to get parts of corpses to feed Goyra, and Yanika had found one of the dockworkers willing to smuggle her on board in return for a handsome sum of gold. Making the deal with Morris seemed futile now of course, as they had lost Goyra anyway. They had taken her to the temple in the black maze, and somehow had found themselves outside again, minus the medusa. Some sort of warding magic, or compulsion magic, had made sure they had left the temple again, and it was now impossible to reach it. So they had given up on trying to get to her, knowing it was futile.

And now here she was, on the Western Gale, on the way to the north, without her friends. She had left them a letter to explain her decision, and she had asked Zaela to look out for them while she was gone. She hoped they didn’t hate her for leaving like that, but the choice had been an easy one.

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