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The one with the festival - the Day of Seyros

A soft breeze played with Yanika’s hair, bringing scents of freshly grilled meat, sharp spices and the sounds of merriment and occasional frustration with it.. The group was approaching the Reverie and the redhead artificer was lost in thought. The second day of the festival, the Day of Seyros, had started in a rather surprising manner. The Day of Seyros was a day of spiritualism, in which most people visited the special services at the temples and shrines, and in the evening enjoyed the large banquet funded by the temples. But more importantly, it was the day the Old Council held their special ceremony high on the mountain, something only true giants were invited to. Or so they had thought.

Very early in the morning Ortir had come knocking on their door with a rather surprising proposition. He had told them that every year a group of representatives from the noble district ventured up the mountain to bring offerings to the mountain and receive omens of what was to become of the city the coming year. And due to all that the group had done for the city, the giants wanted them to have the honor instead. Of course they had accepted and then spent a good part of the morning discussing what they should offer at the altars on the mountain, finally deciding on something symbolizing each of the districts. Kayne in the meanwhile let it be known he wouldn’t be coming with them, opting to do some service at the temple of Belanus instead. One of the items they had decided to offer was a bouquet of black roses from Nathaniel’s garden, and when going there, they had noticed that the mansion was being rebuilt. This had raised some questions in Yanika’s mind, but she hadn’t voiced them.

With all preparations done, the group had headed up the mountainside, following a ridge in the snow. Not a pleasant climb for sure, but it had been mercifully uneventful. They had finally arrived at a frozen lake, deep blue in color, with 4 altars around the edge, some ruins and a large bonfire burning with a blue flame, a sign of ancestor worship of the giants. They had spread out so they could do all the offerings at once, and of course had been prepared for trouble, as these things always caused trouble. Or at least, Yanika and Spade had been expecting it. When the offerings were made, the bonfire started burning brighter and brighter, and out of it a frost salamander had appeared and attacked, followed by ice mephits. The fight had been a brutal one with a lot of moving around to stay out of range of the huge lizard, and several of the group got taken out. Kayne’s presence had been sorely missed and Yanika had made a mental note to make sure he knew. In the end Majid had taken out the salamander. All through the fight, a snow dwarf named Norn had been observing them, and when the fight had been over, he had nodded approvingly and had tossed something into the bonfire. This had caused a snowstorm, which had drastically changed the scenery, and unveiling the entrance to a hall made of ice and stone, the Hall of Oaths.

Norn had gone inside and they, of course, had followed, out of curiosity and to see if they could get some answers on what had transpired there. Inside the hall were several smaller rooms, and a huge chasm, in which the frozen body of a gigantic giant was standing. As they entered, the gold owl tattoos that some of them, including Yanika, still had, started glowing, as well as Zebulor, who started glowing in his entirety. Norn had disappeared when they had entered so after a short look around they had decided on having a rest. While sitting around, Aitlas had gotten the feeling of being observed so Ace had a look around and found Norn invisibly watching them. They had approached him and had a chat with him. He informed us that had been awoken this year to see if we were worthy of entering the Hall of Oaths, and that the frozen figure was Seyros himself. Ace approached Seyros and asked why they had been allowed entry, and apparently it had been because they had asked for permission, which had caused some confusion. On the bright side, Seyros had granted them four questions about the mountain.

Coming up with the four questions they had wanted to ask had taken up quite some time and discussion, but they had finally settled on solving some long outstanding issues. The battle for opening the gates and finding the pyramid of Arrisia had been the answer to the question of what the greatest threat to Himmin in the coming year would be. This had led to asking where the gates leading to the pyramid of Arrisia were to be found in the first place. The location had immediately made Yanika suspicious, a suspicion which she had quickly learned, was not shared by the rest. The gates were located at the end of the dark spiral, which starts at the hall of the Old Council. So the question that had immediately crossed her mind, and was still occupying it, was why the giants themselves had not been told this by Seyros? Why had it only been revealed to them, a bunch of random adventurers? Another obvious question had been to ask why the pyramid is so important and that had taught them that it was the last resting place of the goddess Arrisia herself. The final question had given them the knowledge that above all, it was important that the wrong person did not open these gates, and that if we were to open them ourselves, that we should use the power inside wisely.

Yanika had immediately after informed the rest of her suspicions about the giants, and asked them not to inform them about the details of where the gates were, but especially Spade had been sceptical of this. She had hoped that she had convinced them to at least withhold some information, but you never knew.

After this they had explored the rooms adjourning the main hall, and had found little of interest until they had stumbled across a room with treasure and normal items, which seemed to be randomly appearing and disappearing. In the middle of the room was an altar with the inscription “nothing is ever truly lost” and a book. I figured out that the book, when read, gave you the details of the item you were thinking of at that moment, though it only seemed to work once per person. Majid used to locate the key we had lost, finding out it was in the hands of Epharantis, in the Reverie, and that it was one of the three keys made to open the pyramid of Arrisia. Aitlas got similar information about the Mirrorsword, learning that it too is one of the three keys. Spade for his part tried to find Kayne’s missing axe, and promptly got teleported away, while a faint laugh could be heard. The rest had waited for a while but when he didn’t reappear, they decided to go back to Himmin. As they descended the mountain, a skyship sailed overhead, and unbeknown to them, it carried Kayne and Spade. Kayne who would have his own little adventure in the hall.

Went they had arrived back in the city they had gone to inform Harald Frode and the Old Council about what the mountain had revealed to them, and to Yanika’s relief, Ace withheld some of the information, simply informing them that there are frightful times ahead but that they can be stopped by making the right decisions. It seemed to surprise them to hear something other than “the weather will be nice, trade will increase and Himmin will prosper”, which had only increased Yanika’s feeling that the giants should not be told about the location of the pyramid. Once they had received their gifts from the Old Council, they had gone to gather up Spade, who had arrived back with the damaged Skyship, and she had once again told the rest her suspicions on why the giants should be kept out of the loop, hoping to have convinced them now. After that they had decided to head to the Reverie to see about this Epharantes, and that is where they were walking now.

Seyros - The Hall of Oaths

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