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The one with the festival - the Day of Oiros

The sound of parties going on all around the city filled the air as Yanika, Zaela and Helix sat on the low wall overviewing the Reverie. It was late in the evening, or rather early in the morning, and the three friends had come together after a day of visiting friends and family, and heading to the Reverie for fun and games. The first part of the day Yanika had spent visiting Emine’s family, and she had greatly enjoyed that time, feeling privileged to be invited to meet the parents and brothers of her love. The rest of the day she had spent at the festival with her adventuring buddies.

“The afternoon started with Spade coming to offer Zebulor, Spade and me a drink, to apologize for not always seeing eye to eye and often butting heads. I thought it kind of a weird gesture, given that people have different opinions and viewpoints, but accepted anyway. I mean, Spade is not the worst to share a drink with. After that we decided to go to the Reverie together, as you know there’s plenty to do at the Reverie, especially for the festival now.”

Helix grinned and raised his glass.

“Especially a lot of things to do around drinking and eating for sure!”

The goblin hiccuped, much to the delight of his companions. He and Zaela had gone along to the Reverie and had spent more time there apart from the group, and obviously Helix had spent a lot of that enjoying the finer things in life.

“The first attraction we visited was a gold fishing game, which I personally didn’t feel like playing, but there were a bunch of poor kids hanging around, so I paid for them to play. Most of us tried and failed, and when Zebulor seemed disappointed in not succeeding, both Kayne and me got the same idea and fished one up for Zebulor. While doing this, we noticed that they were turning stray animals into the goldfish, so Zebulor dispelled one of them, and it turned into an angry and confused cat!”

Yanika almost fell off the low wall while gesturing and laughing. Just like Helix, she had had quite a bit to drink during the day. Most of the attractions hadn’t caught her interest, but she always enjoyed these festivals because there were so many exotic and fun food and drink stands.

“After this good bit of fun, Spade dragged us off to a table where the skyrifles had an attraction up. you know the one they use for recruiting and where you can pay to be allowed to slap one of them as hard as you can in the face?”

Zaela and Helix both nodded. The recruitment and slap-a-guard stand was a regular at the festival, and one of the main ways of attracting the attention of new recruits. And it allowed somewhat disgruntled citizens, such as Spade, a chance to get back at them without getting thrown in jail.

“Obviously Spade paid for the opportunity, even though I found 50 gold for slapping a guard a bit of a steep price, and then he got into an argument with one of them too. As you know, Spade used to be part of the skyrifles, but i haven’t asked Emine yet if she knows what happened there. Anyway, after that we went back to group activities, and the next one was called -Money or Mimic-. It involved three chests, two of them mimics, and if you could pick the one that isn’t a mimic out of the three chests, you got to keep the gold inside. And with now somewhat experienced and knowledgeable adventurers that we are, it didn’t take us much to find out which was the real chest.”

She grinned a bit and took another sip from her wine. Mimics were always good fun, even though they were extremely dangerous creatures. But for some reason they stood out so much even though it was never really fun to actually encounter one, especially not if you were attached to your weapons. Because shortly after, the mimic would be attached to them too.

“The next thing we found was some tent called -The Tent of Transmutation”, which had a few attractions in it. One is a boring one where they help you make your own magical potions, I mean, I do that almost every day for a living, so not that interesting. But one that stood out was some creepy guy sitting at a table offering a -Feat for Curse-. He told us he was offering power in return for being cursed. And he was doing that because himself had been cursed by a demon, and would only be able to rid himself from that curse by spreading it to a hundred other people. I asked him what he got out of the deal and apparently he got immortality out of it. Not that great of a deal if you’re an immortally cursed person I think.”

She brushed her fingers through her hair and pursed her lips a bit. Of course no-one in the group had accepted to be cursed in exchange for power, though some seemed to have been tempted by it. Making deals with devils was never really a good choice, so of course Yanika had never even considered it. There were better ways to gain power.

“While Majid and Ace went to play chess against a chicken, I decided to find something to eat. I found this cool little place where a Tengu was selling nuts and fruits soaked in milk, and I can tell you, it’s the best festival food I’ve ever had! While queueing there, I noticed the weirdest thing. Out in the back, between some tents and really out of sight, there was a pit fiend sitting at a table. So of course my curiosity took over so I went to have a chat with him. He told me he was there to try and get souls, and was way in the back because some paladins beat him up last year. I’m sure there was some joke in there and some illusion magic or something, and that it wasn’t a real pit fiend, but I couldn’t really detect any foul play so I just went back to the rest, who at that point had been heading to an eating contest. Majid really wanted to try it, so eventually Spade and Aitlas decided to join in, because it needed at least three contestants, and you know what? They actually managed to out-eat a giant!”

Zaela laughed and slapped Helix on the back.

“Bah, we all know that Helix here could have won that all on his own, little bottomless pit that he is!”

Helix coughed up whatever he was chewing at the time and all three of them laughed. It was true, the eating quantities of the goblin were nothing short of legendary, as Ace and Spade would soon find out too.

“So now done with the attractions I finally convinced the rest to just find a place to sit and drink and eat and rest, which of course meant that the most exciting thing of the entire evening was about to happen. While we were having a drink, we suddenly noticed a couple of dire wolves and a giant ape attacking people on the festival grounds, so we intervened. Turned out that the animals had been possessed by some demons, and had broken out from the neighboring attraction. We managed to deal with both the animals and the demons quickly. I asked Spade to distract the people from the animal attraction so I could go snooping around, but I couldn't find any tampering on the cages. But for most of us that was enough excitement for an evening so we headed back home, and it was when we arrived that Majid noticed that the Eye of the Crocodile had been stolen, probably during the fight.”

Yanika stretched and yawned. It had been a long and busy day and she very much longed for her bed. It was already getting early and usually on times like these, things tended to happen and sleep would probably be scarce.

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