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The one with the ambush in the Racks

“I’m telling you all of this because I don’t like hiding anything from you, and open communication is the best basis for any relationship. I just hope you don’t think less of me because of some of the things I do.”

Yanika bit her bottom lip as she looked at Emine. She was sitting on the edge of the Skyrifle captain’s desk, legs crossed at the ankles and her feet swaying back and forth slowly. The redhead was obviously nervous, as she more or less was confessing to assault, but it had not happened in this district, and Emine already knew most of the backstory, so she could judge better the actions Yanika and her companions had taken. The captain leaned back in her seat and raised an eyebrow at Yanika, studying her carefully.

“I just want you to be carefull, especially with things like these. I know that what you are doing is a noble cause, to stop a guild of assassins, but you do have to consider that some of these actions are crimes, and that they can have severe consequences.”

Yanika nervously rubbed her hands together, unable to keep them still. Her heart was racing in her chest and her mind was all over the place. Was she going to get arrested? Was this the end of her relationship with Emine? Did her love always smell this wonderful? It would break her heart if the woman sitting across her decided not to see her again, far more than the prospect of being thrown into jail.

“Now, why don’t you continue with your story?”

Emine smiled softly at her and placed a reassuring hand over Yanika’s. The latter letting out a sigh of relief and smiled back at her.

“Ok so early in the morning, a young boy delivered a message from Opal for Aitlas, simply stating that the three people he had been looking for were staying at a guesthouse of the artificer’s guild. Majid immediately left to do a stakeout at the place. Now all of this happened before I even woke up. So while the rest was waiting for me and for Kayne, Jeb showed up with a message for Kayne. You know, when it rains it pours. Turns out he found one of the escaped shadowfell creatures in a mansion in the noble’s district. Once we had all woken up, we talked about what course of action to take, but as we were still waiting to hear back from Majid, we decided to go to the mansion first.”

She took a deep breath, having been rambling on more or less. Emine smiled softly and handed her the bottle of water that was sitting on her desk. Yanika’s fingers gently brushed over Emine’s for a moment as she smiled at her in thanks. She took a long sip from the water before handing the bottle back to her.

“The mansion, or rather the three nobles living there, turned out to be a bit of a puzzle, but all in the trip was not much of a success, as we didn’t find any shadowfell creature. Kayne did the talking, as it is more or less his thing. The mansion is inhabited by lord Stovras and his two sons, Eliander and Xander. Eliander was very helpful, showing us around and being interested in our investigation. Xander on the other hand thought we’re con artists scouting out the place. Our investigation didn’t yield much result though, except for raising some questions. Lord Stovras seems to be suspect, and from what I’ve learned I think he made some sort of deal with Messana in order to save the lives of his sons during the war, as both of them had been mortally wounded. All three of them are warlocks serving Messana, and her also being the one Kayne has been in contact with, makes me, and obviously also Spade, think that this can’t be a coincidence. When Spade prodded Kayne to tell us more about his dealing with Messana, he didn’t want to tell us anything.”

Yanika shrugged a bit as she smiled at Emine. There was of course nothing illegal about making deals with your patron for saving the lives of your progeny. But the possible connection to Kayne made it all the more intriguing.

“After we left the mansion we headed over to the guesthouse to see if Majid had learned anything. All he could tell us however was what apartment they were in, and point it out from the outside. So I handed my flying elixir to Spade and asked Ace to make him invisible so he could fly up and see if he could learn anything. And did he! There were four people in there, three of them clearly artificers, with different specialties, one even having a golem with her. And the fourth was Kharan, the teacher from the artificer’s guild. They were telling Kharan about the improvements they had made to their creations, but not much more. So we discussed what to do, and after a long discussion and a lot of urging from me, we decided to lure them to the Racks to ambush them there.”

She looked apologetically at her love, knowing full well that having done the ambush anywhere else would have gotten them in trouble with guards. But as the Racks didn’t have any guards, it was the safest place to do this. Emine nodded at her and urged her to continue, showing that she understood and approved of the reasoning. Yanika blushed a bit and smiled at her, grateful that she had such a wonderful and understanding girlfriend.

“We sent in Ace, disguised as Kharan, to lure them to the Racks, while the rest of us went and prepared the ambush. Ace did have some trouble convincing them to go to the Racks though, and one of the reasons was that the assassins’ original plan had been to involve the guards in the fight, making me all the more happy to have decided not to attack them at the guesthouse. But in the end she managed to convince them to follow her. The ambush was over quickly and without too much trouble and we managed to capture one of them alive. Aitlas interrogated him but all we learned was that they had been sent to kill us, and that more would come.”

Yanika picked up the bottle again and emptied the rest of it now that she had finished her story. She had left out the fact that Majid had wanted to horribly torture the prisoner for more information, by cutting off one of his fingers. This had led to some outcry and Yanika making it clear to Majid that under no circumstances she would associate with people like that. Majid had seemed to be dismissive about this, but she had left it to no doubt that if this happened again, she would not work with him anymore.

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