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The one with Old Darkeye

“Have I got something for you!” Yanika shouted as she burst through the door, grinning widely at her friend Helix. The young goblin looked up from his dinner, a chicken leg still sticking from the side of his wide mouth. Yanika plopped down onto the chair opposite of him and reached over to steal Helix’s plate and grab a bit of chicken for herself. Helix took the chicken leg from his mouth and looked at her expectantly, raising one eyebrow when Yanika didn’t immediately share this gift, instead wolfing down most of his dinner, before grabbing his cup of wine and downing half of that too. She wiped her hands and mouth clean before leaning back in her chair and pulling a piece of paper from her pocket and sliding it up over the table. “I got you Estar Acros’ signature” She grinned at her friend’s joyous expression at seeing the signed piece of paper. “He offered to sign my breasts instead, but as my heart is dedicated to someone else now, I had to decline. Anyway, I don't have much time today, I’ve decided to make a little gift for Emine Ada so I’ll be busy most of the evening. I can talk in the meanwhile though.” Helix looked up with a big grin on his face and laughed at the last statement. “Have you ever considered just asking her out instead of going through this little game of innuendo?”. Yanika smirked softly and sighed. “She’d never accept it like this, I’m just some young artificer apprentice and she’s such an important person. No, I have to win over her heart first.”.

With the food and gift giving done, Yanika moved to her workstation and got out her tinkering tools, which were buried somewhere in the heap of books, tools and materials they had accumulated. She grabbed some of the small metal parts, cogs and pins and such and started to work on her little project while Helix fetched more wine and Zaela fetched some chairs so they could listen to their friend’s story while she worked. “So the morning after we talked to the guards we all gathered back at Ace and Spade’s hideout, only to find out that Torrok had died in his sleep. No foul play, just old age. So we took him to a local undertaker to give him a proper burial. The undertaker needed a few hours in preparation, so before we had the burial proper, Kayne insisted that we went to the biggest temple in town to have that curse checked out.”. Yanika chatted on happily as she drew up plans for the little mechanical flying toy she was going to build, only pausing now and again to have a sip of her wine. “So we went to Hillside Rise, to the Cathedral, and showed one of the priestesses our golden owl tattoos. She explained to us that the mark is the one from the Goddess Arysia, the long dead goddess of prophecy. She also believes that the mark has been done by an angel and not a demon. Either way she offered to remove it, but the price was a bit high to my taste. The priestess also took the baby and is going to make the guards deal with it, as it is apparently their job after all.”. She picked up her cup of wine and took a sip to wet her throat and lips, then pushed it aside to focus on her work again.

“So after that we had Torrok’s funeral, and oh boy did that turn into an interesting event. While we were doing the service, Har’Hak showed up, and I think he just wanted to talk to us, but Kayne immediately went berserk and charged in. The cemetery is guarded by some undead spirit though, which attacked Kayne and knocked him out while Har’Hak fled. I guess the warning sign at the entrance to the cemetery isn’t there for nothing. ~Let those who enter here leave behind all mortal foils, for the dead rest here and suffer no disturbance lightly~”. Helix and Zaela looked at eachother with wide eyes. They would have expected that maybe the more expensive quarters of town would have protections like this, but the graveyard in the Racks? Yanika, who hadn’t looked up yet from her work, didn’t notice the look on her friends faces so she just continued with her story. “So obviously we’ve now decided that this will be our fallback place if we ever get into trouble. Now with this funeral done we went back to the butcher’s place to see if we could locate the sword in the sewers. The place had been ransacked by some locals, nothing too weird in the Racks I guess. Once in the sewers we found tracks of more grimlocks and tried the stealthy approach, which went just like all the others have gone before, so not very well.”. Yanika chuckled softly and looked up to reach for her cup of wine and have another few sips. So far none of the attempts at stealth the group had undertaken had gone particularly well, some of them simply weren’t that good at being quiet. “We didn’t manage to sneak up on a trio of grimlocks, and one of them, a shaman, managed to run away with the sword. Kayne managed to catch him swiftly and killed him, but not before he had tossed the sword into a pit filled with water.”. She shivered a bit at the thought of what had happened next, seeing the sight of the huge crocodile burst from the water to snap Spade almost in half. She shook her head and then picked up the story again. “So Kayne dove into the water to retrieve the sword, but what he found down there was a huge ass crocodile instead! Wrapped in cloth like it was a mummy or something! And it obviously followed Kayne right back up. It knocked out Spade instantly, and amazingly and luckily he was still alive, just unconscious. Unfortunately though an earthquake started right at that moment and the thing decided the best course of action was to jump right through the ceiling to the streets above, carrying poor Spade in his jaws!”. Yanika had dropped her tinkering tools and was using the half finished toy she was building and some of the other materials to play out the scene on the table in front of her. “Kayne and Majid immediately followed it and Ace boosted me up, you know my climbing skills.”. She rolled her eyes a bit as Helix laughed in amusement. They both knew very well that while Yanika was agile and flexible, she wasn’t very athletic. “I got up just in time to see Majid get knocked out by a tail swipe. Seeing the situation deteriorating, I took aim with my crossbow and hit it right in the eye, instantly killing it!”. She made a gesture as to aim a crossbow at a fictional monster and fire, before giving a triumphant shout, just like she had done earlier that day in the streets. She hadn’t intentionally aimed for the eye, but it had been a beautiful shot. “The shot dislodged the eye, which turned out to be a crystal ball of some sort, and Kayne cut open the thing to retrieve the sword while I tended to Spade and Majin.”. “Some guards showed up to investigate what had been happening, and they were happy to not have to deal with the crocodile. They were quite impressed that we had managed to kill it. So after talking to them, and now that we finally have the sword, we went back to Ace and Spade’s to discuss what to do next.”. Yanika leaned back in her seat and looked at her two friends while running her hand through her long hair. She was a bit amazed that the two of them had indulged her so much in listening to her rattling on. Offering the two of them a loving smile, she picked up her utensils again to continue on her little project.

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