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The one with Erryl

It was an impressive view to say the least, looking down from the side of the skyship and down on the world below as The Western Gale made its way north. Yanika had the feeling that her girlfriend Emine was still mad at her for having snuck onto the skyship right before it had departed from Himmin, but she had also seen relief and happiness in those eyes when she had revealed herself. Right now the duo was sitting at the edge of the ship, looking down on the mountains as they passed below them, and Yanika was talking, recounting the rest of what had happened in Baltia.

“After we had taken care of the dybbuks, we followed our compass to the source of the evil in the Tome Ward, and it led us to the main temple at the back of the district. Inside we noticed a few small demons, nothing to worry about so we decided to tackle them head on. Which proved to be a painful mistake as they were joined by a half fish, half reptile, half bird mostly fully demon with these wicked hooks for paws. It immediately used those to take a few pieces out of Kayne, and then Majid, before taunting us to come and save him. I can heal from a distance though, so while Aitlas distracted the beast, we got Majid out. This almost cost us Aitlas though, as he was dragged into the toxic water. We got him out, and the demon disappeared under water, taunting us to follow.”

She looked at Emine and smiled a bit sheepishly. There was a lot of bravado in her voice, but she felt quite tiny at the moment, feeling that if she stopped talking, the silence would kill them. So she bit her lip and continued.

“We wisely decided against just following the demon into the water and went to look for another way down. There were a couple of doors on either side of the temple, both having a statue in it, one that used to depict a woman, the other a man, which I think were Arrisia and Edon, but the statues had been changed into demons. More interestingly though, one of the rooms also housed a small demon named Erryl. We promised to let it go if it would help us in finding a way down, and it shared quite a bit of useful information.”

She paused for a moment to take a sip from her bag of wine, one of the few supplies she had brought with her, and handed it over to Emine, who accepted. Yanika looked out over the mountains passing below them, letting the wind play in her hair.

“Erryl told us he was there to supervise the bigger demon, and that there was another way down into the sewers, but that the entire thing is flooded, so we’d need to drain it first. And then in a not so surprising move for a demon, he promised to lead us to the chamber where we could reverse the waterflow, if we were to kill his master, who happens to be a changeling warlock somewhere in the city. Of course we agreed, and he led us out of the Tome Ward and into the Mist Ward, where the skyships are parked, and where the guards have their station.”

It had been an interesting turn of events, to be led there, and knowing that there were at least two highly placed traitors in the city. When they had arrived at the Mist Ward, the group had decided to take a little break, as the previous fights had taken their toll on them, and while sitting there, resting, they had noticed a skyship leaving Baltia, a weird looking skyship in the shape of a lobster, called The Craw. They had not known the significance of this until later, when it was too late.

“So after a short rest we headed into the guardstation in search of Erryl’s owner. This turned out to be Yorcha, the second in command of the guards, who wasn’t pleased to see her pet lead us to her. A fight broke out when she called the guards on us, but I kept them busy and alive, while the rest took care of Yorcha. After Yorcha was knocked out, Spade managed to convince the rest of the guards to stop attacking us, and after Yorcha took on her true shape, that of a Yochlol, some sort of shapeshifting demon, they realised they had been fooled.”

She brushed her fingers through her long hair as she leaned back a bit, a soft shiver running down her spine. This high up the air was a lot more chill than even in Himmin. Emine slid closer to her and wrapped her mantle around Yanika’s shoulders, and her own. Yanika smiled at her in thanks and cuddled in closer, feeling the moment.

“Maytra, the leader of Baltia, showed up and after we explained what was going on, she questioned where Rillovan was, as the leader of the guards was supposed to be there. When it became clear that he had left on his ship, The Craw, Yorcha explained that Rillovan probably had seen us coming and had decided to flee to another place where Dolos is trying to gain influence. Erryl then offered to kill Yorcha in return for his freedom, but when we refused, he teleported away, saying he’d tell Rillovan everything.

With Erryl gone, they had no idea how to get to the chamber where they could reverse the water flow in the sewers, but luckily Maytra could help with that. It would take a while to come up with the layout of the sewers, so they had decided to go back to the Tome Ward the next day.

Erryl, the Quasit

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