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The one with assassins, caves and golems

It was the Day of Oiros, the first day of the festival of the three brothers and Yanika walked hand in hand with Emine as they made their way through the city. Yanika had been surprised to have been invited to meet Emine’s family and share dinner with them, but she had happily accepted. Knowing that all of the members of the family were artificers helped of course, as it would make her feel more at home and have plenty of topics to talk about. But one topic she wanted to talk to Emine about was one she would need to do on their walk, as she had promised not to share this information with too many people...but well, she could hardly not share it with her love now could she?

“So after we had gotten back from the mountain and slept the night on it, we gathered back at Ace and Spade’s to go and have a talk with Opal, to hear his side of the story. Zebulor stayed behind, not wanting anything to do with it, and Kayne, while going along, didn’t want to be involved with the talk. I can’t blame them of course, even I am reluctant on this course of action, but I can’t just abandon my friends.”

Emine nodded and squeezed her hand gently and smiled at her.

“I do not want to see you get into any danger, I know that helping and defending your friends is important. And I have your back if necessary.”

The redhead blushed a bit at those words and nodded. A soft smile crossed her lips as she looked at the stern woman at her side. Her understanding and encouragement meant the world to Yanika, more than she could ever express.

“The talk with Opal was short and to the point, and this time he didn’t require us to take any tests, seeing as we had already done the assassin’s tests anyway. He mostly told the same story that Mos had told, but he had problems with his conscience, and when they realised it was a pointless quest, he and his group quit and went to live in Esterdale. When they learned that the queen of Esterdale had become the target for assassination by the guild, they tried to stop it and save her, but they eventually failed. Mos offered them to stop opposing him, and they accepted, save for Opal. He has been trying to destroy the guild ever since and now wants to hire us to help him. So in the end we decided to take his offer, which meant I had to get Zaela and Helix to come live at Ace and Spade’s, as I can’t lead them into danger.”

She had of course also told Emine, but the captain of the guard knew how to take care of herself, and in any case would refuse to come along anyway. She couldn’t abandon her post, and her living with Spade under one roof might cause too many problems.

“When I went to fetch my roommates, I noticed something odd in the building we live in. For some reason, all the mailboxes of the people living on the ground floor were overflowing, so I went on a little investigation. But wary of assassins, I first gathered the rest. We checked one of the apartments and there were signs of struggle and the remains of the old lady that lived there. Her three mechanical cats had been damaged too, and we devised that it had been done by one of the displacer beasts. You know most of this of course, as your guards came to investigate the rest of the building while our little group headed into the sewers to track down the displacer beasts.”

She brushed her fingers through her hair and smiled, hesitating slightly in telling the next part of what had happened, as they had sort of promised not to share what they had found.

“We followed the tracks to a weird gate made of giant runes. Or well, runes made by giants. The runes depicted all kinds of intelligent beasts that we had already met, like the otyugh and blink dogs and such. While we were standing there, West showed up, surprised and happy to see us, and he was followed by one of the dogs. He opened the gate for us, by pushing on his own rune, but this allowed us to enter too. Inside was a massive cave with all sorts of semi-intelligent monsters, tended to by a giant. He wasn’t happy to see us, until we explained that we knew West, and that we were hunting the displacer beasts. He told us that he had created the cave as a sanctuary for these monsters, and that they had been hunting the displacer beasts too. We agreed to cooperate on the hunt, and would wait until the monsters had tracked down the displacer beast, and then be called in for the hunt. After that we went back to the surface.”

Emine perked up an eyebrow at learning of the cave full of monsters underneath the city, but was easily convinced by Yanika to not share this information any further. Yanika was aware that her girlfriend would of course take some measures to guarantee the safety of the city, but at least it would not be a full out hunt. But having the captain of the city watch in on the secret also meant that they had an official who could dissuade others from taking rash actions.

“When we got back out of the sewers, we had another job waiting for us. Zebular had been contacted by Moira, who wanted to hire us to test the golems they had been building. She also informed us that the giants are the ones who ordered the golems to be built due to all the recent troubles, as a city wide watch.”

Emine grumbled a bit at this. She of course knew that there were golems being built as city guards, but this was still troubling news that they were to be deployed everywhere.

“Oh you don’t have to worry just yet! We tested them and so far they’re not very impressive. The first test was to steal a backpack from a warehouse full of the golems, and that went down easily. And then we had to test them in combat, and they didn’t fare much better there either! So your job is safe for a while longer!”

She winked and nudged her girlfriend playfully, teasing her a little.

“oh shush you, if the city watch gets abolished, I will have to go back to the artificer’s guild and we’ll see how much you’ll enjoy having me around all the time!”

Emine grinned and nudged her back with a grin, before pulling her close and kissing her softly.


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