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The one where they’re coming out of the walls

The wind had picked up when the Western Gale had left the mountains behind, so Yanika and Emine had moved from sitting at the bow to sitting on Emine’s bunk. The cabin was not very spacious and the bunk was really only meant for one person, which meant they had to sleep cuddled up closely, something neither had minded so far. Another option had been to secure a hammock for Yanika, but sleeping together had been the prefered choice by the both of them.

“The next morning we headed back to the temple, and this time encountered no problems. As we snuck past it though, the big demon spotted us and taunted us to come and attack it, and I had to dissuade Kayne from stupidly charging in.”

The demon had been smart enough to challenge and taunt Kayne, and Kayne in his thickheadedness had obviously responded to the taunting. It could have ended disastrously, especially with some of the others chipping in on the taunting, but Yanika had managed to persuade Kayne to stick to the plan, in the same manner she had managed to get him to wear a dress. By playing on his manhood. She knew it hadn’t been a nice move, but it had been effective.

“We got to the house that would lead down into the chamber where we needed to reverse the water flow, and Aitlas immediately jumped down, which turned out not to be the wisest idea. Immediately as he did, a group of swordwraiths came out of the walls and attacked him, instantly knocking him out! Kayne jumped down and with me getting Aitlas back up, the fight was over rapidly. After that we drained the water from the sewers and then went back up to the temple.”

The temple had been empty and with the water drained, there had been deep pits everywhere, descending into the darkness. The demon was nowhere to be seen, but they had to go down either way to close the portal. Not knowing how deep it was, Majid and Aitlas climbed down the slope while the rest did a coordinated jump, with Yanika using her magic to slow their fall. It hadn’t been very deep though, only some sixty feet into the darkness.

“We landed in this huge cave, with the portal and a summoning circle in the middle, and as soon as we landed, the demon charged at us out of the darkness. It could have turned into a horrible fight though, as his initial charge knocked out Majid, but then Aitlas somehow managed to stun him, and Kayne had the brilliant idea to toss the demon back through the portal. I used my Portal Imploding Contraption and that was that!”

The fight against the demon had certainly been somewhat anticlimactic, but Yanika had been thankful for that. The fights before had been painful enough, and while she was capable of some healing magic, it often didn’t prove enough to keep all of them in one piece. So she had been happy for Aitlas’ luck and Kayne’s quick thinking. As they had headed back up into the city, the mist was already receding.

“Once we were out of the Tome Ward we were greeted by a lot of Baltia’s citizens and they wanted to throw us a huge party for saving them. For doing in two days what they had not managed to do in thirty years. We got made honorary citizens and told we’d be welcome there whenever we wanted. The only one not joining the festivities was Kayne however, who decided to spend the night with Goyra instead, who was not invited. I think something beautiful is growing between those two! Shows you that love can overcome so many differences!”

She smiled softly at Emine and rested her head on the beautiful woman’s shoulder, while holding her hand. Of course other things had happened at the party too. They had all been given a glamoured armor or glamoured clothing, and they had learned why Goyra had been locked away. Yanika had also reminded the rest that they had promised to free her and take her to Himmin and that they would have to come up with a plan for this. Near the end of the party, early in the morning, they had been approached by Sheevra, the second to the champion of the arena, and she had offered the chance to fight her. Majid accepted and would fight her in the morning.

“The next morning Kayne showed up after his night of carousing with Goyra, and we told him about the challenge in the arena. We all went to watch the fight between Majid and Sheevra, which ended in a narrow victory for our inquisitor. Next on the list was getting Goyra out, and while the rest went back to Himmin for preparations, Spade and I went to the library to find some more information about the oracle. We found out that she had been locked up as soon as they had made contact with Himmin, to protect Ourborros from her. But as she had done nothing wrong, this struck the both of us as an evil act, strengthening our resolve in getting her out.”

The plan to get her out had been a bit silly and doomed to fail from the get go, but they didn’t really have a better idea than Kayne’s idea of hiding her in a barrel of ale. So they had gotten a big keg of ale, made a fake bottom in it and carried it to the temple, where the Guardian Naga had warned them that if they tried to free her, he would fight them.

“The guardian Naga was a bit too smart to fool with this kind of plan sadly, as he immediately saw through the ruse of the keg, especially because some people can’t keep a straight face. If you ever want to play poker, play it with Kayne! But I managed to trick him into thinking that we were just a diversion and that Goyra was using the deception to flee from the back. He fell for this and so we managed to make it out with Goyra inside the barrel. I don’t think we’ll be welcome in Baltia after that stunt though. Going from being the saviors to breaking their laws in one day.”

Emine laughed softly and pulled Yanika close to her, kissing her softly.

“I love you, you know that? You have your heart in the right place, even though some of your actions are questionable.”

She lifted her hand and laid a finger over Yanika’s lips to stop a reply.

“And I’m not angry for you sneaking on board to come along, not really. In truth I am relieved and grateful that you did. It would have been a lonely few months, with constant worrying on both sides, and at least no matter what happens, we’ll face it together.”

Yanika blushed brightly, her eyes tearing up a bit at the kind words, her reply stifled by another soft kiss on the lips.

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