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The one where they fed the cats

Updated: Feb 28, 2021

It was late in the evening already as Yanika and Emine made their way through the mostly abandoned streets of Cliffside Hold. Their evening together had been a lovely one and had drawn out a lot longer than either had anticipated. With both having to work in the morning, and the wine and cheese having run out a few hours before, they had decided to go home and continue on a later date. As they winded their way through the streets, Yanika continued telling the story of how they had attacked Brand’s gang.

“After having taken care of the guards, we looked for clues as to where Brand could be. We found some documents, one of which was a diary, containing some interesting information. It describes dreams Brand had been having, dreams of an island of crystal afloat in an ocean of fire. He describes the sky changing color the entire time while it rained acid. On the ocean is also a floating city with a large crystal spire, and he feels drawn to it. As he dreams, he hears voices and he describes being afraid of not being fully in control anymore. Brand expresses a desire to return to the sewers to find the entrance to the place, but he’s afraid that if he does, he won’t return.”.

Logically the group had concluded that Brand had finally decided to head into the sewers and find this place again, and they had discussed on how to proceed. They had regrouped at Ace and Spades, and talked to the Doctor about the vision, and he had told them that he believed it was a vision of a different plane. They had finally decided to go and look for Brand in the sewers, while leaving the Doctor in the guarded graveyard where he should be safe.

“So we took the orc we had captured before with us into the sewers to see if we could locate Brand and deal with him once and for all. Zebulor and I noticed cracks in the floor underneath the water, and the smell of sulfur. We decided to follow the cracks and were quickly greeted with the sound of rushing water and the sounds of a mechanical contraption. The waterway we were following led to a large junction chamber, in which two men were sitting watch. We decided to go and talk first but as soon as they identified as Red Eyes Gang members, we attacked. The two guards weren’t there alone though, as there were 2 very large snakes hiding in the water below, one of the which dragged Majid under. In the end we managed to kill one of the guards and one of the snakes, and capture another of the guards and the other snake. For whatever reason, Kayne seems to want to collect every animal we encounter. The guard, after some questioning, informed us that they were guarding the entrance to a weird and creepy cave, and they were told to not let anyone through. They also said that Brand and some of the other gang members had gone in a few days ago, but not come out.”

Yanika smiled at Emine as they reached the Captain of the Skyrifles’ place and they said their goodbyes. She promised to continue the tale the next time they met. She waited for Emine to disappear inside before heading off to her own place, a broad smile on her face and a bounce to her step. She thought about how events had unfolded after they had tried entering the cave, with not everything going very smoothly. They had quickly found the entrance to the cave, but it was guarded by some large catlike creature, hidden in the shadows. Engaging it had turned out badly as there was not one of the creatures, but two and they had been forced to flee back to the junction to recover. There Kayne had come up with this wild plan to buy some food for the big cats, which we had identified as displacer beasts, and appease them. Long story short, everyone had made a lot of fun of this plan, joking about it the entire time, but it had worked. Somehow Kayne had managed to bribe the displacer breasts into letting us pass, even though we discovered there were three of them and not two. Yanika smiled as she thought back on it, knowing that her respect for Kayne had definitely increased a lot there. He was not just good with his weapons, but he proved to be good with animals. His plan had worked brilliantly and saved them a lot of trouble.

Once past the displacer beasts, they had entered a large cavern which appeared to be a temple in a bad state of repair, carved out of the very rock of the mountain. On the door leading into the temple was the image of an owl. The door was closed but not locked and we heard voices on the other side. Disregarding stealth and diplomacy this time, Kayne kicked in the door and charged in. The fight against the two bugbears, blinkdogs and their captain was short and brutal, and the captain surrendered when his bugbears had been cut down. They had interrogated the captain and learned that Brand had left them in that room and gone on by himself a few days before, with the instructions of not exploring the temple. He could also confirm that he knew Brand had done something to a lot of the gang members, to grant them more power, but he didn’t know what it was, and was quite repulsed by learning about the slaad. He could also tell us that with destroying the attackers on the doctor’s place, and taking out the gang’s headquarters, they had effectively destroyed the Red Eyes Gang.

After tying up the captain they had decided to explore the temple. There were two other rooms adjacent to the room where they had just fought, and two hallways leading away. One of the rooms had a pit filled with skeletons and a lot of drawings of owls and the image of a woman surrounded by owls, which Yanika had been able to identify as Arysia, the goddess of Prophecy. As soon as Majid had come too close to the pit with skeletons however, they had awakened and started to crawl out and attack, followed by a vampiric mist. After the initial scare, the fight had gone quickly though and they had destroyed all the undead. Closer investigation afterwards had also revealed the image of Edon, the former God of Magic and twin to Arysia. Next was the room filled with lava, which turned out to be a shrine to Goibhniu, god of smiths and healing, husband to Arysia. There were two magical auras in the room, one a crystal at the foot of Goibhniu’s statue, another underneath the bridge leading to the platform.

Yanika rounded the corner to her apartment building and yawned as she entered the place, happy to almost have reached her bed. The evening had been lovely and she still had so many things she wanted to tell Emine, but right now, the call of her bed was hard to resist.

Arysia, goddes of prophesy

Edon, God of Magic

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