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The one where Kayne wore a dress

A soft cold wind blew down from the mountain, bringing some freshness to the city as Yanika tugged her coat closer around herself. The dress she had chosen to wear for the grand opening party at the artificer guild, was a lush and beautiful purple and of the finest cut she had been able to find in the city, but it was not exactly warm. She smiled at Emine, who sat across from her, this time with a notepad in her hand as she listened to Yanika tell the story of what had happened at the opening of the new guildhall. Emine had been there of course, but she had been busy getting the guests to safety and securing the upper floors, while Yanika and her merry band had gone down into the basement.

“So the evening started with most people rushing to the stores for some last minute buys, especially in the clothing department. It’s like these people don’t know how to prepare more than five minutes ahead most of the time.”

She chuckled softly as she thought back on the evening. Of course she didn’t have to repeat the part where she had asked Emine to go with her to the grand opening. The captain of the Skyrifles would have been there anyway, seeing as so many prominent people in the city would be there, but she had still asked her to go as her date. She had wanted to show her off, and be shown off by her to as many people as she could.

“And for some reason Kayne wanted to go in disguise, but he didn’t really give a coherent reason for it. So, the helpful person that I am, I went along with him to a shop he seems to frequent sometimes, given that he knew the girl working there.”

The redhead chuckled softly as she thought back on the entire conversation that had been going on between her, Kayne and the girl, and getting him so far as to wear a lovely blue dress. It had basically taken questioning his masculinity. Doing that to a musclehead like Kayne, especially in front of a pretty girl, usually did the trick.

“Long story short, I managed to talk Kayne into wearing that gorgeous blue dress as a disguise, and then of course couldn’t help but try and make his disguise more convincing by having some guests dance with him. He rejected Fermon Ka though, but ended up dancing with his sister. Maybe something beautiful will grow out of that, who knows!”

Yanika herself had spent most of that time dancing with Emine of course, and had also asked Spade for a dance, mainly because she wanted to know why he had such problems with the Skyrifles. She liked Spade a lot, even though they tended to butt heads over a lot of things, and she wanted Spade and Emine to get along.

“Somewhere later in the evening, we got approached by a waiter, delivering a tinkering device, which I recognized as a device to close planar portals. I have the plans for those at home. We also noticed at that time that there were less waiters around so Spade and Aitlas went investigating and heard sounds of a scuffle, which turned out to be an attack by two Red Slaad. We killed them easily and that’s when I asked you to take care of the guests and the upstairs while our group went to the basement in search of the portal.”

Emine nodded and made notes as Yanika told the story of what had happened. Most of what her girlfriend had said so far she already knew of course, having been there. Yanika however did leave out some details, like how Ace had talked to Nathan, who, much to Kayne’s dismay, had brought them their gear and the warning that Brand was behind the attack.

“We snuck down into the basement and noticed that the portal was in the central room. We hatched the plan that someone would create a diversion, so that I could sneak in, made invisible by Ace’s magic, and use the device to close the portal. Brand noticed me somehow however so he cast a poisonous cloud around the portal to protect it, before throwing a fireball into the rest of the group. We wished for Ace to remove the cloud, which she did, and I managed to get the device in there and close the portal. Brand, in anger, cast another fireball and knocked out Majid and Spade, and sadly also killed Zebulor.”

Emine noticed that Yanika was pretty chill in telling such a gruesome fact, but didn’t immediately prod, knowing that she would get to that part of the story in her own time. Yanika’s reason for being so calm about it, was of course that his lordship Zebulor had not stayed dead.

“I killed Brand by a shot between the eyes before getting Spade and Majid back on their feet. Sadly there was nothing I could do for Zebulor. Before coming back up, we decided to investigate the rest of the building, to make sure no more Slaad were hiding somewhere, and that’s when Spade found a secret door. Kayne wanted to stash Zebulor’s body in one of the display cases, much to my dismay. He can be such an idiot at times, and that after I went through all the trouble of getting him that fine dress. Anyway, we went down and found a small laboratory, with the body of Zebulor, very much alive. Apparently the previous Zebulor had been a clone of the real one, and when it died, he was resurrected in a new body. We looked around a bit more and found Nathan there, apparently he’s the one who put Zebulor into a new body, and has been keeping tabs on us. At this point I’m not even convinced he’s a bad guy anymore, with him helping us so much, so I let him go.”

Which more or less concluded the story of what had happened. Yanika felt no need to go into details about the boxes with notes and items they had found, nor that there was a passage to the black maze down there. She smiled and said as much to Emine before getting up and straightening her dress.

“You still have a lot of work to do I guess so I should get out from under your feet. I will see you tomorrow? and have a proper finish to our date?”

She smiled softly as she got pulled close by Emine and then after a moment, their lips met, sharing a soft and tender kiss.”

“I will see you tomorrow. Stay safe Yanika!”

Yanika in fance dress

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