The one dedicated to Monty

It had been a few weeks since the last of the earthquakes and the revelations the Black Rose Mansion had thrown to them concerning Nathan, and it had been quiet. Yanika had spent most of the time studying the books on artificing they had found, and crafting herself an all-purpose multitool, the descriptions for which she had found in one of the volumes. The rest of her time had been spent on visiting and going on dates with Emine. She had also reflected on the weirdest of things that had happened after they had discovered the secrets in the Black rose Mansion. The day after they had gone there, Ace and Spade had gotten a visit from a guild attorney to finalize a contract, and hand over keys. Apparently the two of them had not been too good in reading and understanding the contract that they had signed, because when they talked to the rest of the group about it, they had no clue what the keys were for. So when they had gone back to the attorney to ask about this, they found out that they had been given a house next to the new guildhall, namely The Burning Hall, the burnt down inn that had led them to the dancehall. The property had been paid for by Estar Acros, though they found out quickly it had been done by the imposter. When checking out the property, they had found a bunch of workers from and paid by the guild, doing repairs.

Yanika had suggested going to the dancehall to check it out, and when they had arrived there, the man in the skull mask, which they presumed to be Nathan, had been waiting for them. He had been waiting to talk to them, informing the group he had been very impressed with the investigation they had done, and that he wanted to use the dancehall as a neutral ground here they could meet and play chess, without talking business. The only piece of information he wanted to share was that the earthquakes would be over, as he had found what he had been looking for. Without either side wanting to say more, the meeting had ended there.

Nathan had stayed true to his word and no more earthquakes had happened during those two weeks, and the first really exciting thing to happen was the explosion of the Ice Skimmer at the docks of Cliffside hold. Yanika herself had slept through the explosion, too engrossed in the lovely dreams of the woman she loved. The rest, except for Kayne, had gone to the docks to investigate this. After finding the first basic information they came to get Yanika and Kayne to do some more investigating, mainly because the Ice Skimmer was the vessel with which Estar Acros had gone on that faithful expedition to the north. The explosion of the Ice Skimmer had raised some questions, and as the captain, Monty, had perished in the explosion, the only person to be able to answer some questions would be Estar. The people at the docks had informed them that he had been visiting Monty the past few weeks, so Aitlas, Zebulor, Kayne and Yanika went to talk to him. In the past two weeks he had finally moved out of the apartment to another one in the same building. When told about the explosion, Estar didn’t seem too surprised that it had happened, but he seemed genuine about not having seen Monty in years, ever since the expedition. This pointed to the imposter, and raised the question if the explosion had been caused by Nathan. They pressured Estar into talking more about the expedition. They had gone to the north in order to learn more about the icefields up there, but the expedition had been grounded and attacked by ice creatures. In the end they had managed to escape and limp back to the south, but only Estar and Monty had survived, and Monty had never recovered from the experience. While Estar had been recounting the epic tale of his travels, a notification arrived for him, informing him of Monty’s death, and that the old captain had left all his belongings to Estar, which he seemed genuinely surprised by.

They had gathered back up with Ace and Spade at the wreckage of the Ice Skimmer and gone on an investigation of their own. This confirmed that the fire had started at the steam engine. Kayne’s new dog dug up a chest with some leftover cake in it, the same one that Estar had fed us earlier, which raised some questions.

With no more clues, we discussed what to do next and then spade informed the rest that one of Brand’s henchmen, named Nail, had contacted him for a job. Apparently Brand’s condition was worsening quickly and his gang wanted him cured, so they had asked spade to find the Doctor who had cured him the last time. The description of the doctor pointed to the same one who had warned us about not going into the Black Maze. At the same time Kayne, who seems to be gathering shadowfell creatures to him, had informed them that he had been hired by a friend of his to deal with an undead monster in the Racks. As the next destination seemed to be the Racks, they decided to deal with both issues.

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