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That's one fancy axe let me tell you

Now I would love to tell you the epic tale on how I found myself lying at the shore of an underground lake. Where, still groggy from the fall, I was captured by underground raiders and sold to an evil dictator for his gladiatorial arena. Only to escape after claiming the title of champion and leading a small band of rebels to victory. All in order to free the princess, who was the rightfull ruler and bring down said dictator. Thus bringing peace and prosperity to the kingdom of Subtopia. Before getting bored with it all and deciding to head back to the surface in order to see what kind of trouble my friends had gotten themselves into in my absence. That is what I would like to tell, but the truth is that I have absolutely no recollection on what has happened after I fell into the pit.

See the only thing I remember is waking up, as I was being dragged through the sewers by West, Yanika’s pet Otyugh. All the while carrying a fancy new magic axe and a shiny amulet round my neck. Like I said I have no idea where I got those things from. The amulet is freaky and not something that I really like to discuss, but the axe is nice. See it allows me to summon either Zoey, Sindra or Sam to me. The sad part is that its only once a day and only for like 10 minutes and when they are not summoned, there gone into the Shadowfell. Truth be told it’s a bit lonely all things considered, but it’s probably for the best. As I was running out of space in my small little room back at the inn.

So after reaching a sewer exit with the help of West, I decided to take a quick stop at the inn in order to freshen up and wash the sewer off me. And to help myself to a new pair of pants, before going to Mirrors and Gears’ place. Turns out that the rest had the same idea as me, as I met up with them there. They even had their own little underground adventure, as they jumped after me when I fell. A bit strange that they didn’t find me there. But I guess that is further proof of the fact that I had some kind of epic encounter that defies common sense and that would have crushed a lesser man or woman both physically and mentally.

With that taken care of, we headed back to meet up with old Jed in the racks. Turns out that he knew that the creature was summoned there. See it turns out that Jed is half shadow elf. Which means that he has what you might call a natural affinity with these creatures. Even going so far that he can sense their locations when they are close. Now back in his prime, he would take care of these things himself. But sadly with old age, he can’t really hold his own that well anymore. So he wanted me to take over in order to keep these nasties add bay. Yeah growing old is a scary thing. Fortunately for that will take a very long time before age catches up to me. Now the trick with these creatures is that you have to place them in a silver box, otherwise they will get resummoned in time. But I like a challenge, so I agreed to help him take them out whenever he senses them again.

Come next day, it was decided that we was going to look into that doc who handled the idiot a while back ago. Which proved to be more difficult than we first figured it would be. See according to a journal that we found in the doc’s home, the idiot had placed a bounty on him as well. This is another prime example of why you don’t do business with crazy. Cause they pull shit like this all the time. Thus we went round town, looking for clues. Which wasn’t easy as he wasn’t a native of the town. So there weren’t many leads to go on. But we lucked out as one of the suppliers of herbs and such managed to inform us that she recently made a delivery to him in a warehouse in Cliffside Hold.

Now when we got there, we weren’t the only ones. An orc, who belonged to the Red Ice Gang, was also keeping an eye on the place. Now I confronted him, but sadly he got the jump on me and gave me a surprisingly strong hit with his axe which send me reeling. It happens from time to time sadly. I mean that is just the reality of combat. Fortunately it is at times like this that you need staunch allies, who will immediately jump into action in order to help you out. Yeah, the jackasses.

Upon kicking the lookouts ass, we tied him up and went inside to confront the doc. Now he had no idea as to why they were after him. But before we could press him for more information, the place got attacked by several blokes, who later turned out to be gangmembers, coming through the windows. Now they might have had numbers, but we had talent on our side. So we quickly started to turn the tables on them. That is until the weirdness happened. See the ones that died started to burst upon as these wormlike things crawled out of them. Fun fact this is also the moment that I learned that Bull is deadly afraid of worms, as he jumped back five feet when it first occurred. But they weren’t that big of a threat so we ended up killing them as well.

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