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Story Time

So after beating up Estar again, we decided to call it a night and continue our work in the morning. Now the first thing we did, was asking Hagmar if there were any tunnels that connected the old guild with the black maze. Cause we figured that that was where the music was coming from. And he indeed confirmed that there were tunnels here, but that the sealed all of the exits that were here. Sa that kinda confirmed that we needed to get down there.

Now as me and Yanika went looking for some way to protect ourselves from the poison that’s inside the maze, the rest was out doing their own thing. Scruffy and Mirrors took a look at the letter that Estar supposedly got from the girl. And after a while they did confirm that she didn’t wrote it. They even went a step further and managed to figure out that she wasn’t in contact with him with those magic stones. Don’t ask me how they did it, they just did okay. While they was doing that, the rest went to the messenger’s guild in order to see if they could figure out some clues as to who send the letter. But that was a dead end. See they are sticklers for rules and such and absolutely didn’t want to reveal who had hired them to deliver that letter. And while annoying, as a professional myself, I can admire their dedication.

Following that, I decided to go out on the streets and do my own bit of investigating. Seeing as we was coming up empty and the rest of them was more interested with the identity of some foreign noble that was visiting the guild instead of the job we was hired for. So I wandered the streets, trying to dig up some rumors that might have to do with this job when I found Zoey. Now Zoey is this grand magnificent beast of a dog that was wandering round the streets. I fed her a bit and she brought me to this little shack at the edge of town made of thrash. And it is here that I met Jed. Now Jed is this old man that’s down on his luck. I mean you can see in the look of his eyes that his life was a tough one. But we got to talking and we hid it off. Now Zoey wasn’t actually his dog, just two strays coming together. So in the end I ended up buying Zoey from him for a generous price. Now before you say anything, it wasn’t charity. It was just a business agreement where I ended up buying a dog for several pieces of gold. As well as some directions as to where he might be able to get a job. After that I took Zoey home and gave her a bath to really bring her back to life. I will say however that it wasn’t really what I was planning you know. I mean I figured that I would first buy my own place with a big yard and then get me the pets I wanted. But I kind of got got in reverse now. Funny how life works isn’t it?

Now just to make sure, me and Mirrors took a quick trip to the Reverie in order to get someone to look Zoey over. You know to make sure that she was in good health. Turns out that she ain’t your ordinary dog. She’s in fact a cross between a normal dog and something called a deathdog. Now I have no idea what a deathdog is but apparently it’s a critter that is known to eat peoples. So they advised me to make sure that Zoey never got a taste for human flesh. But that was the plan anyhow. I mean as a pet owner, I have to take my responsibility and make sure that she is properly trained right? So it doesn’t really change anything.

But back to the story. The next day a messenger came to us from Leif, ya know the guy from the old council that hired us. Well he gave us the details on the history of the black maze. Now I don’t think that this is actually secret knowledge, so I don’t mind telling ya. But I also wouldn’t recommend just sharing it around either.

So a long, long time ago, on these very mountains in fact. There lived a small tribe of giants. And one day they was amused by the fact that a group of dwarfs decided to come live here. Now them’s was intrigued by these strange small things living here. So they let them be here in peace, watching them as they tunneled ever deeper into the mountain. But shock came one day as the dwarves had disappeared without a trace. The only proof of them being here being the various buildings they had built as well as the tunnels they had dug. The giants were confused bout this and waited until it became clear that they was not coming back. Thus they did as they did and knocked down the various buildings of the dwarves. Restoring the face of the mountain to what it once was, before returning to their mighty peaks.

Now many many years later, new visitors had arrived at the mountains, humans they were. Looking for a new home. And whether by luck, faith or providence, they had chosen the exact place where the dwarves had once lived. Yet again the giants observed these strange, small things clamoring around. Until, a couple of decades later, they too had disappeared. Again without a trace. Now the giants was really concerned so a small batch of stout volunteers braved the cramped tunnels in order to see if there be any clue as to what happened to these small creatures. And what they found shocked them to their very core. They found humans, death by their own hands. Surrounded by strange markings and tunnels poisoned by something that they could not place. Thus they hurried back to the surface and removed all trace of the humans, as they had done before. Sealing the tunnels along the way. Hoping that none would disturb them again.

But you know what happened next. Another group of humans came later. And founded the very city we live in to this day. The tunnels once again opened. With their secret waiting in the dark for whoever is brave or foolish enough to venture inside to find it. But anyway, that is the story of the black maze.

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