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Spade's Notes #3

Updated: Oct 26, 2020

New client: Brand

Paid 500 gold for us to find whomever killed Erik in Red Ice territory and bring him to Brand, preferably alive. 

Timeline as we know it so far:

  • Several weeks ago: Har’Hak, a common enforcer in the Racks, receives blessing from Teiar through Janus. Receives a vision during the blessing. Last that Janus saw of Har'Hak Recruits at least one other follower of Teiar, another hobgoblin, to find a lost Dwarven settlement and a mirrorshine sword.

  • Three days days ago: Torrok throws away mirrorshine sword in east garbage patch. Torrok captured by Har’Hak gang. Mirrorshine sword found by Erik.

  • Yesterday: Erik realises worth of mirrorshine sword. Perhaps found a buyer. Quits his job as garbage curator.

  • Today morning: Rowls post pamphlets offering large reward for Mirrorshine sword.

  • Sometime today: Erik found dead in his house, did not show up to his retirement party. Mirrorshine sword stolen from under floor boards. 

  • Later today: Red Ice gang places house of Erik under watch. Recruits Ace of Spades to find murderer.

Key players:


Dead garbage guild member. Found mirrorshine sword, but was tortured and robbed. Lived in Red Ice territory.

Brand: boss of Red Ice gang

Main base of operations is a bar near east garbage patch. Lives up to his reputation of cruelty and unpredictability. Enforces loyalty among gang through extreme violence. Seems to actively hate ’street scum’, which suggests on the streets. Likes his retinue to know their place. Seems to switch between two modes, one sane, one less so. Current theory postulates two personalities or even two beings inhabiting the same body. Be very wary around him! Finish job for him as soon as possible. Start working on contingency plan as it may be unlikely that he will leave us alone in the future (as he treats those who work for him as possessions not as employees).


Tiefling noble. Janus found Teiar when he needed it, was outcast because of its appearance, had trouble with gangs, fled to Black Maze. Teiar's blessing gave Janus success. Has a noble appearance, but very secretive about his day activities. Built the underground temple to Janus in Black Maze. When he has time, goes to temple in the evenings to administer Teiar blessings. Does not seem to be aware that Teiar is a devil.


Devil impersonating fallen angel in the Black Maze. False appearance is a mechanical owl, true appearance a figure made of fire and shadow. Name perhaps originates from an old romance story. Followers carry a mark of a Golden Owl, which denotes a blessing to receive temporary resistances. Has currently blessed Yanika, Spade and Ace. 


Unknown race, wears filtered mask. Guards the Black Maze occasionally. Knows that Janus leads a dangerous cult and stays away from them.


Halfling proprietor of a pawn shop in the racks. Pawn shop consists of multiple buildings, suggesting gradual expansion. Profits on those less fortunate by buying valuable possessions cheap, and reselling them at a higher markup. Also sells information, but at a step price. Connected to Har’Hak but refuses to admit so, suggestion alliance or prior history with the hobgoblin. Has an ongoing bounty for the Mirrorshine sword for a third party. Size of reward makes it unlikely to be Har’Hak unless he has other sponsoring. Has a Golden Owl tattoo, follower of Teiar. Has a lockbox that is far too grand for his establishment. Pawn shop is likely to be a front for something else.

Current possessor of Mirrorshine sword:

  • Erik: dead and robbed, so no longer, unless he is a lich

  • Rowls: has outstanding reward for the sword that calls attention to him, so unlikely

  • Har’Hak: works close to Rowls, but time line does not make sense

  • Janus: possible as another follower of Teiar, although seems unaware of the sword thus far

  • Brand: unlikely as he hired us to find whomever stole it, unless it is a double play

  • Doctor: unlikely, may have picked something up when spying on Teiar cult, but seems uninvolved

Thus current working theory is that there is another unknown involved party.

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