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Spade's Notes #2

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Meeting at the Broken Anvil inn turned out to be a trap. Har'Hak's gang had captured Torrok and they thought we knew where the sword was. Along with the others, we defeated and captured the gang members. The hobgoblin in charge carried a tattoo of a golden owl, but was killed in combat and could not be interrogated. Two others were captured and revealed the location of the gang and Torrok. Barkeep of Broken Anvil was killed by gang members, expect some guard interest in the coming few days.

Planned and execute raid on the hide-out of Har Hak's gang. Bribed the front door look-out. Had trouble with goblins on top floor that were harassing a captured Otyugh. Unknown what the plans of the gang was with the Otyugh. Confronted Har'Hak and hobgoblins in basement. Hobgoblins killed, Har'Hak escaped. We found Torrok on an altar in the Har'Hak's room. Torrok was unconscious but alive.

Torrok told his story back at the Ace of Spades agency. He used to be a grave robber until he retrieved a cursed sword from a pyramid. When sleeping in the same room as the sword, he would get dreams. These dreams drove him to Himmin and to seek out the eight of us. Believed that he was meant to bring the sword to us. After our first meeting, he was jumped back in an ally by Har'Hak's minions. He was interrogated by hobgoblins trying to find the sword. However he had gotten rid of the sword before being captured. Buried it in the east garbage field. The sword always (magically) returned to him in the past.

Final case expenditures:

  • Shots fired: 6 (31 damage)

  • Party members downed: 5

New enemy: Har'Hak

Very large Hobgolbin gang leader. Favors a jagged blade. At large. Last gang taken out during rescue of Torrok. However Har'Hak was able to recruit a large number of members (loyalty questionable) in just a few weeks. Has access to invisibility magic. Brutal, but has high sense of self preservation. Items found indicate possible worship of a pyramid. Currently trying to find lost Dwarven settlement.

Potential new ally: Otyugh West

Shy towards people, suggesting sheltered existence. However has social behaviour, may indicate relations with other Otyughs in the past. Vengeful if hurt, has a taste for humanoid flesh. Likes soft melodies. Named West by Yanika and given possession of a temporary music charm. Lives in the sewers.

Updates insights:

  • Kayne is unconcerned with punctuality, but has a soft spot for (cat-like) animals. Suggests substantial time spent outside of civilization.

  • Yanika has a caring nature, towards party members and Otyughs, may indicate prior strong familial bonds.

Notes to self:

  • Recruit Zebulor to set up an informants network on the streets

  • Invest in healing kits if more fighting is expected

  • Check if Torrok's bank note is actually valid

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