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Punching Bag Estar

Sorry I haven’t had the time to come and see ya lately. I sadly had some other things I had to take care of, but now I’m here, so we can continue where I last left off.

So we was holding a stakeout in the old guild hall, ya know to see who might come prowling around the place. When in the middle of the night, music started playing. According to the others, this also happened last time, so we set out to investigate. Now we turned the entire place on its head, but we was unable to find out where the music was coming from. Mostly due to the fact that it sounded like it was coming from all around us. That was when one of us, not sure who, pointed out that the music was coming out of the walls itself. Now seeing as no one had a clue as to why that might be, I decided to have a closer look. Thus I punched a hole into one of them. Thanks to that, we learned that the guys who are fixing this place, placed these metal beams into the walls in order to reinforce them. And the music was coming from them. Well not exactly, see I think it was either Yanika or Gears that said that these beams where vibrating with the sound and then amplifying it. Which is a thing apparently. So they figured that it was most likely coming from somewhere else. Our guess was the black maze, as they told us that they closed up an entrance to the black maze earlier. Meaning that the site was right on top of it.

As we was figuring this out, we heard a commotion coming from upstairs, as the guild master was running round in a panic. Seems like his daughter had gone missing and he wanted us to find her. Thus we hurried back to the guild in order to see if we could find some clues bout it. Now my first guess was that Estar might be involved with all this. So I busted down his door in order to check up on him. But of course he wasn’t there. Now while I was doing that, the rest was looking over her room, with Ace en Bull managed finding a piece of paper under her bed. Now you might be wondering, what’s the importance of a single blank piece of paper and I’ll tell ya. Turns out that this paper had a lot of chemicals on it, which is common for scrolls that are used to store spells on them. So the bastard who took her probably used it so get her out of the guild. Just like what happened with the airship. Sadly this did mean that there wasn’t going to be a trail to follow in order to find the girl.

But just in case we went outside to check things out and a good thing that we did, cause Scruffy and Bull quickly found the girl crying in a corner of an ally nearby. So we quickly brought her back to the guild and Blue calmed her down enough so she could tell us what happened. So following our advice, she had dumped Estar and he didn’t take to kindly to that. Cause later at night he suddenly appeared inside her room, only for him to use a scroll to teleport the both of them away to some dark open room. And as music started playing, the same one that we heard at the old guild, he forced her to dance with him before teleporting her away to the ally where we found her. And I gotta say, hearing all that I was steaming. I mean my blood was boiling so much that I was ready to explode.

At that point, Estar entered the building. So I quickly punched his lights out in order to prevent him from escaping and to calm down a bit. After he came to, we interrogated him. But you know how thos things go. I didn’t do, it wasn’t me, you got the wrong guy, all that stuff. He just said that he was out drinking with some bloke called Adam that he had met earlier that day. Too bad for him that the guildmaster wasn’t buying it. So he tossed his ass out of the guild. At which point Yanika offered him to spend the night at her place. Now I thought this was a very bad idea as all things pointed at him being the perp, but she’s a grown woman and I was confidend that she could handle herself. And I mean who hasn’t had a crush before on someone they really shouldn’t have. I mean we’ve been there, right?

But yeah, next morning we talked to Marissa some more and she told us that she usually contacted Estar with some kind of magic stone that allows you to contact someone who holds the other stone. And I’ve gotta say that sounds pretty handy. I mean I can just imagine someone spending a fortune on those things, just to hand them out to everyone he ever meets. Ya know, so that he could call talk to them whenever he wanted. But if ya think about it a bit more, ya realize that it’s actually not that handy. I mean just imagine, ya got this sack full of stones that are roughly the same looking that ya got the drag everywhere. Now that’s not a problem for me, as I’m quite big but imagine someone a lot smaller than me having to do that. and then there’s the problem that ya always gotta figure out which stone goes to which person. I mean imagine trying to send a message to your lover but accidently grabbing the wrong stone and sending it to your wife instead. I mean that’s just embarrassing for all involved and also a recipe for disaster if you ask me. But back to the story. So we asked Marissa to contact Estar, saying that she was wrong and that she wanted to meet that night at the old guild. And luckily, the guy accepted. So we now had a plan of action.

Unfortunately, we also had a day that we needed to wait. So Ace, Gears and Bull decided to do some snooping around, first going to the right ingredient. We went there to see if those scrolls from earlier came from here. Now the owner was reluctant to answer the question, so we bought some stuff instead to loosen his tongue. So after we threw some coin around, he informed us that it was indeed Estar who had come and bought three scrolls of teleportation. Oh yeah, it was coming together.

Sadly this was also where we learned that Ace, sweet kid that she is, got duped. See she had sold the magic stuff we found earlier for store credit. Now at first you might be thinking that was the smart thing to do, as she got more value out of taking store credit than she would have had she taken gold. But that is where you are wrong my friend, cause store credit is just another scam. See ya got ta realize that a merchant isn’t there to just help ya out of the kindness of his heart. He is there to make gold and if while making gold he helps ya out, well that’s a nice bonus but it isn’t what he’s there for. So he will never give ya a better deal just cause you’re taking store credit instead of gold. Cause here’s the trick, say you’re going to buy an axe. What do ya do, you shop around to see where you can get the best axe for the best price, right? I mean that’s how it goes. But when ya take store credit, you lose that option. You’ve gotta take whatever price the shopkeep decides is right, cause you’re stuck with your store credits. So just keep it simple and take the gold instead. Don’t go for what ifs, or maybes or promises, just take gold when the bloke that well and especially with merchants. Also I got me some expensive dreams and store credit isn’t going to help me get there any sooner.

The rest of us decided to hit the bars Estar said he was drinking at last night. And confusingly, his sitry checked out. So either there were two Estars that was running around, or there was some funky magic in play here.

Now as we went back to the old guild in order to set up our ambush, Gears and Ace decided to quickly go back to the rackhole in order to see if everything was still okay there. It turns out that that pipsqueak Rowls, ya know the gut from the pawnshop that I threatened way back when, came to see them bout an offer on the sword. See pissant had send him in order to buy the sword for 7.000 gold and a solution for the Jester. No I gotta admit that 7.000 is a lot a gold, even when we split it amongst ourselves. But I don’t want puissant to get his grubby hands on it. And as for the Jester I got a couple of solutions for that problem right here. So yeah no deal.

Now our plan for the ambush was a simple one, as most of the best plans are. We would hide round the place while Ace disguised herself as the girl in order for Estar to drop his guard. And I’ve got to say, she’s real good. I mean this wasn’t just magic. I mean she definitely used magic to be sure, but it was she became her instead of just looking like her. I mean it was scary how good it was. And that’s how I came up with a nickname for her, Mirrors. Cause it feels like your looking in a mirror when she turns into you. But yeah, so we waited for a long time, until Estar showed his face. Now we quickly punched his lights out, again, before he got violent and then interrogated him. According to him, he had gotten a letter from the girl in order to come to the old guild in order to talk things out and that’s why he came. But he also had the other magic stone in his pocket, so we wasn’t sure bout anything at the moment. Only that all this was giving me a headache.

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