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Let the hunt begin

So with that bit of information, we decided to split ourselves up. Blue, Scruffy, Zoey and me would go to the old guild in order to keep an eye on things, while the rest would go and investigate the mines in order to see if there was some additional information bout the quakes to be found. But they didn’t find much. All they managed to confirm was that they too were suffering from the quakes. The good news was that no one of them had gone missing yet. Heh, one of them did mention that lately they had been hearing weird sounds echoing in the tunnels. But that was just West, Yanika’s Otyugh singing in the sewers. Which is hilarious.

But this did mean that we were fresh out of ideas. The only clue that we had left was to go down in to the black maze and search around there. But as that place was still poisonous, we couldn’t just charge in without a plan. So we decided to go back to the Racks in order to find Yanus, the cult leader we met earlier. Seeing as he frequented the Black Maze, we figured that he might have an idea on how to protect himself from the poison. Sadly however this was not the case. All he does is hightail it to the halls in order to make it to his statue before bolting as quickly as possible. Which he can do as the room with the statue itself does not contain the poison. This let all of us except for me and Yanika to follow him down there in order to check things out again. But to no avail. Thus we decided to head back to catch some sleep before continuing the next day.

That was the plan, however that night we were hit by the biggest earthquake yet. That one was nasty, fortunately to my knowledge no one got killed in it. But there was a lot of damage. I mean for the most part of the night I was busy helping folk out. After I figured that some folk might show up at the Rackhole so I decided to head over there as well. And as I figured, they were all there. Cept for Yanika. Now I will admit, that I was a bit worried bout her, but I figured that she’s a big girl, so she could take care of herself.

Now apparently, the quake wasn’t the only thing rumbling around that night, as Mirrors was visited by a devil. See apparently while she was visiting the statue, she used her magics to sense that there was something there and managed to piss him off. So he came to pay her a visit. But luckily for her and Gears, he wasn’t there for trouble. Cause as it turns out, he was the one who had sent pissant after us in order to get the sword. Seems like he wanted it back cause he apparently forged it a long long time ago. So he made an offer and left. Now I’m against giving stuff to devils and the like on principal and I sure as hell ain’t to keen on giving pissant what he wants, so for me that matter is closed.

But as we was sharing, Scruffy and Blue had their own little confession to make. It seems that Scruffy had managed to score himself a secret admirer. Which when you think about it isn’t too surprising. I mean when you get past his natural scruffiness and his scrawny physique, he is actually a pretty nice guy whit a decent face on his shoulders. But apparently he’s been getting gifts in the mail lately, like a wand and an amulet. And hey, nothing wrong with that. I mean I’ve met a lot of decent and good folk before who had their own sugar auntie or daddy going for them. And as long as no one gets hurts it’s all good.

But I’m getting off track again ain’t I? So with the crack of dawn, we met up with Yanika who had herself a productive night. See after the earthquake she went snooping round the old guild and actually found something. See in an old inn that is nearby the site, she crack in the wall and took herself a peek. Only to find it swarming with these small mechanical creatures. So she did the smart thing and got the rest of us. Which was a good thing as the guild master was able to tell us that these things are usually used to dig tunnels. And as they are made of Adamantium, them things is immune to normal weapons.

And just as he said, that was a tough fight. Cause not only are them things immune to good old physical damage, they’re capable of releasing a serious electric shock that knocked poor Gear’s gears loose. But after a long, bloody fight, we was capable of taking them down at last. After catching breath and healing our wounds, we looked round the place, only to find a tunnel going further down. So we went and found it, the very place where poor little Maerissa was taken too.

In essence it was basically a dance hall. With most prominently a statue of two people dancing in the middle of the room atop of a stage. As well as a mechanical piano that, apparently, is capable of playing itself. And most importantly a teleportation circle. So it was without a doubt that we were closing in on our prey. Now we checked around and unfortunately we found no trace of the creep who took the little girl. But what we did find was another, that lead us to an entrance to the black maze. So we took one look at each other and stepped into the darkness of the poisonous tunnel, in search of our quarry.

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