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Kayne's Letters: To Andraste

Hello Boss,

I hope that you and the rest of the Green Fangs are doing well these last couple of weeks. With little to no injuries and a full sack of gold for each of ye. And I would like to give my most humblest apologies bout the fact that I have not come by lately in order to pay proper respects to you Boss for all the things you have done for me after I was released from prison. Sadly I have been rather busy dealing with the usual stuff that tends to came round my life. You know, odd jobs and all in order to raise enough coin to fulfill my dreams. As well as some not so usual kind of stuff. And it is in regards with the unusual that I am writing to you at this point. See I am kind a stuck at the moment on how to continue at the moment. So I was hoping or rather, I wanted to ask if you might willing to hear me out for a moment and maybe give me some advice to point me in the right directions? You know if you are not too busy at this moment.

So the first bit of business that I wanted to ask you bout is bout this favor that I was doing for some bloke that I happened to meet one day on the street. See like you he is a half-elf, but of the shadow variety. And he needed some help with some kind of monster that was roaming round the racks killing folk. Now me and some folk I’ve been working with went round and killed the damn thing. And let me just say that it was nasty, I mean it had like this big with some smaller ones and this creepy grin, but all in all it went down quick. But here’s the thing, when I cleaved it in half, it vanished into smoke. Dropping only a silver coin on the floor. Now Jed, whose the half-elf, explained to us that that thing was summoned from the shadowplane by someone and then left there. And cause his pop was from that place, he is able to sense these things. And since he’s too old to do anything bout it now, he asked us to deal with these things when they appeared. Which is something that I have no problem doing as I wouldn’t want some kid stumbling into one of those things and getting eaten. But something bout it don’t make sense to me. See for the life of me, I can’t imagine why someone would take the effort to summon one of those things only to leave them afterwards. So I was wondering if maybe you had come cross something similar before. Random summons that turn into silver coins when ya kill them.

Which brings me to my second problem, see when we killed that thing, I kinda fell down a hole. That was round a 1.000 feet deep. Now I have no idea how I survived that, cause to my knowledge I blacked out. The only thing I can member bout it is waking up in the sewers with this real nice magic axe on my back and a real funky amulet round my neck. And regardless of the niceness of the axe, I must admit I’m kind of concerned bout it all. See I kind of want to know how I survived that fall. Cause I know that I’m quite sturdy, but even I know that I’m not that sturdy. Also the axe kind of concerns me cause it’s kind of to nice I you catch my meaning. See not only is it razor sharp and made of silver, it can also summon animals. Which to me is a major cause like I’ve always said, you can never have enough fluf in your life. but I member what you taught me, that you never get a free meal in life, there’s always a catch even if you can’t see it. And so I kind of want to know what price I paid for this. Cause believe it or not, the amulet is even more impressive from what I understand of it. But I can’t really talk bout that in a letter. Now I can guess what your thinking right now, simple go to a temple. But the thing is, I did, the big one even. Even had one of their priestesses use a spell on me that should restore my memories. But all that did was give me a splitting headache, so that didn’t work. But I was thinking that maybe you know some ancient elven cure that might restore my memories? Or maybe some other idea that might help? Reason I’m asking is cause you is the smartest person I know, so I figured if you don’t have an idea, no one would.

But that is not all that I wanted to ask, I have one more thing and it is a bit of a personal matter. Do you member, when I started out at the Green Fangs, that Axe that got from my mom? Yeah, when those guards arrested me, they pinched that of me. And seeing as it is the last thing I have to member me old mom by, I’m kind of looking to get it back. Even asked one the folk I’m working with on some jobs to help, Gears. He’s a detective along with his partner Mirrors. You might have heard of them, they opened up a new shop in the guild quarter. You know the one with the tacky sign in frontn that’s an eyesore that you can’t escape from regardless of where you are in the street. Real names is Spade and Ace by the way. Now he looked into it for me, but I think he got bored with it after he hit a dead end. See he figured out that those filthy guards sold a shit ton of weapons back in the day to some bloke. Probably along with my axe. Now I figured that there is a chance that maybe you remember who might have bought up a pile of weapons back then? Bit of a guess, I know. But it’s kind of the only straw I have at the moment. And don’t worry I’m not gonna storm over there in order to fight the guy for my axe. I know that despite the fact that it was stolen, he had no way of knowing that and he paid a fair price for it. So I am more than willing to pay a fair price to get it back. Even willing to trade my new axe for it. Cause don’t get me wrong, I really like this axe. I mean the fluf summoning is great and the raw power it has is really something, but that axe was special. I mean it was me moms. So I kind of want it back, to member her by. It has sentimental value to me. So yeah.

Anyway I’m gonna wrap it up here before I get a bit to sentimental. Thank you for taking the time to read this. And please forgive my rudeness for not coming to ask you this stuff in person. See this new crew I’m running with, they’re kind of lost without me. I mean they’re good guys and gals don’t get me wrong, but they tend to get in trouble if I’m not there to keep an eye on them. But I do hope that I will soon have some time to come see you and when I do, the first couple of drinks are on me.

With kind regards, Kayne

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