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Kayne’s great life lessons

Updated: Nov 15, 2020

In chronological order of when I came up with this stuf.

1. If some bloke offers to buy ye a drink, always order from the top shelf.

2. Always keep your body in tip top shape and it will never betray ya or let ya down.

3. There are gonna times when you lose a fight. It happens, in fact it would be pretty boring if It didn’t happen because that would mean that there was no longer any fun to be had as fights without stakes are boring. But when you lose, it’s important to stay calm and accept your defeat with grace. You gotta channel that anger and use it to motivate you into getting stronger.

4. We often find ourselves in shitty situations, but that does not mean we need to be shitty people. Always remember to keep one hand open so you can extend the warm hand of friendship to those who need it. And always keep one hand clenched in a fist so you can punch those who deserve it in the face.

5. Swords are overrated.

6. when you make a threat, always make sure you can follow through. See there’s going to be times when you gotta act tough. Whether it is when you are negotiating a price for a job, trying to get some chumps to back of or just when someone is really pissing you off. Now if you make a threat and the other guy calls it, you gotta follow through. Cause when you don’t follow through, not only will ya lose against that guy, but ya’ll also lose against all future guys. Cause news is gonna go round and before you now it, everyone will know that you’re all bark and no bite. So always follow through and never make threats ya can’t keep.

7. Never judge a fox by the color of his coat

8. There are risky situations and then there are suicidal situations. Knowing the difference between the two is the key to living a long and exciting life.

9. Don’t sneak with an army! When ya gotta go sneak, do it with as few folks as possible. Cause the more people ya take with ya, the more likely that someone will muck things up and ya’ll get spotted. So either go by yerself if ye’re confident, or go with at most 2 others. Never more than that or it’s not a matter of if you fuck up, but when ye’ll fuck up.

10. Don’t blame the other guys when ya go sneak and fail to inform said guys when things change. Communication is important. If ya scream for help, I’m not gonna ask questions bout who I should or shouldn’t punch.

11. When things go wrong while sneaking, they reeeally go wrong. Yer separated from yer group and on yer own and yer group only has a limited idea of what is going down. Most of the time it’s not worth it.

12. A man is judged not just by his successes in life, but also by his failings. And while success is as light as a feather, failure is as heavy as the tallest mountain. So it takes a strong man to be able to own up to those failures in order to gain more success in life. And I’ve chosen not to hide from my failings. And when I die, probably younger than older, I will have but one wish. And that is that those who know of me tell my tale to those who ask and tell it truly. The ill deeds along with the good. my highs as well as my lows and let me judged accordingly. And the rest is silence.

13. Don’t just blindly follow the rules, use ya common sense if ya got it and know when it is best to follow em and when to bend or break em. And always keep rule number 4 in mind when ya do.

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