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Into the rabbit hole

So after our first encounter with skullguy, things was relatively quiet for a couple of weeks. Allowing me to do a couple of simple jobs in order to keep the money flowing. Nothing spectacular mind you. Just the odd guard job for some out of town folk, ya know simple. Now that about lasted up to the day when Jed came to visit me at the inn I was staying at.

And before I continue, can I just point out real quick how much I respect Jed’s skills when it comes to animals. I mean sure, he’s no Viola, but he’s still a savant when it comes to animals. I mean thems just flock towards him, he don’t even have to do anything for it. They just come to him on their own free will. I mean I’ve never seen him without some animal accompanying him. First it was Zoey, the dog that I bought of him. Then it was Sidra, a raven with beautiful blue markings in her plumage that he gave to me. And lastly when I would see him later in the day, Sam the cat would follow him round. Which he would then give to me as he was worried that he might not be able to provide for him, due to his current living conditions. So yeah, a lot of respect for the guy, especially cause he’s so humble bout it.

But anyway, Jed came to see me as he needed some help. See he had picked up a rumor that there was some kind of dangerous creature roaming the streets at night in the racks. Snatching up innocent folk and dragging them into his lair. So he wanted my help in order to put a stop to it. Of course I accepted, seeing as that was the only right thing to do. Even decided to get the gang back together for this as it is always more fun to fight monsters with some good mates.

Now as you can imagine, thems was busy doing their own things as well. So it took a little bit of convincing in order to get them to come with. See they was investigating an explosion that happened that morning in the docks. Seems like one of them fancy airships had blown up. See that’s why I prefer to keep both my feet firmly on the ground. Cause ya never know with those things, them things is as twitchy as the folks that make em. Usually not an ounce of common sense in that lot, with a few exceptions of course. No if I had to fly anywhere, I would prefer doing with the assistance of an animal that actually knows how to fly. Like a wyvern or a giant eagle or one of them flying horses. Something that actually knows what they is doing in the air.

Now on the one hand, there weren’t many casualties and wounded from that. But on the other, the captain of said ship did die from it, so mixed feelings there. Now when they told me that this was the very ship that Estar used during that expedition that resulted in that girl he fancied to die, I was already starting to get a headache.

Now besides that, Mirrors and Gears was continuing their trip down the rabbit hole of corruption. See they, and I figure this is mostly Gears’s doing as he tends to be a bad influence on the girl, are now openly working for one of the gangs of the Racks. And to make matters worse, it was in fact the red ice gang. You know the very one that placed that bounty on poor Yanika’s head, just because she had common sense and didn’t bend the knee to that idiotic jester. You know, that one.

Now mind you, I am not saying that I think that Gears is a bad guy. On the contrary, I think that deep down he is trying to do the right thing. The only problem is that he tends to over think things and thus jumps to the wrong conclusion on how to do that. See he’s the kind of guy that is so focused on whether or not a guy in front of him might have a knife behind his back, that he ignores the sword that is in front of him. And it’s that bad habit that sadly causes him to jump strait into the deep end. But that’s kinda why I’m sticking with him for now. Cause I think that he is still salvageable. He’s just very thick headed and set in his ways so it’s difficult to get through to him. Probably also the reason as to why he got kicked out of the Skyrifles.

But back to the job. It turned out that the idiot’s condition has gotten worse, if you can actually believe it. I mean he passed the line between sanity and insanity a long time ago, and appareantly right now he had passed the deep end of that cesspool and was starting to dig his own tunnel to get even deeper. Now if it was up to me, I would suggest taking the humane solution of mallet to face in order to put him out of this cities collective miseries. But that is off course not what the gang wanted. See they wanted their old mildly insane boss back instead of the new bat-shit crazy boss. Now the way he got this crazy was the result of a bad raid a couple of months back. They had attempted to raid a bar in gold gulch and bit of a bit more than they could chew. So naturally they had to hightail it out of there and ran into the sewers where the idiot got separated from the rest. Now after a while of searching, they did find him again, only unconscious. So they took him to a doc who fixed him up and gave him something for the crazy. Now that that drug has worked out, they wanted us to find that doc again so he could give him another onceover. Ya know before he started making more jackets out of people.

Now seeing as Jed was coming round near the evening, we decided to first look into the explosion and the dead of captain Monty. For that, we headed to Estar to see if he might give us the skinny on Monty. But he didn’t know much as he hadn’t talked to the captain in a while. He did clarify that both he and Monty were the only survivors of that expedition several years ago, but other than that he didn’t have much to say. He did however inherit a large sum from the captain which was a bit strange if you ask me.

After that we inspected the explosion itself. But it seemed to be an accident as was assumed. The thing that makes those ships fly, exploded and took out the rest of the ship. Poor Monty never stood a chance. Zoey did find something for us though. A small box containing some cake. Now you might be wondering what’s so important bout a piece of cake. And I admit that on its own not much. Unless that cake is similar to the cake that Estar gave us earlier when we talked to him. Happy coincidence or not? Definitely something to look into.

We would have gone to ask Estar, but time was a wasting and Jed was waiting on us. So we went to meet him and he took us to the lair of the beastie. Which was a dump. We went inside and quickly found a whole in the middle of it that contained a very unstable stair that went down a good while into the dark. When we reached the end of it, there was still no end to the pit in sight. We even tried the old throw something down and wait for the thud in order to see how deep it was. But that didn’t work as there was no thud. So we basically had a bottomless pit that went down into the very bowels of the mountain itself. Not something we wanted to tumble into.

Fortunately, it wasn’t a dead end. See there was a small ledge that we could jump onto that lead to a small cave. So we took the jump and found ourselves in a small tomb. I mean there was statues of monks all round the place, with holy symbols of Bellanus. We guessed that this place was several hundreds of years old. But figuring that stuff out had to wait, as we had found our beastie. This giant eyeball thing with a gaping maw jumped at us. Or rather floated at us I guess if I’m being accurate. And it was indeed undead. See you can easily tell by means of the squish that occurs when you hit them. Most undead, there are exceptions mind you, have a more profound squish to them than living folk. Provided they still have some meat on them. Now it didn’t take too long in order to beat it. Only strange thing was that when it went down, it turned into smoke and dropped a single silver coin. Apparently it was a summoned undead. Which was strange but not impossible. Now the coin itself, contained an image of the Queen of Desperation, one of the rulers apparently of the Shadowfell. I believe the name was Merana, but I’m not sure on that one.

Anyway, after that we gave the place the good one over to make sure that we didn’t miss anything before heading back. And wouldn’t ya know it, just as I made my jump the damn stairs give way. Causing me to fall. Last thing I hear is Yanika mumbling something before a dim light surrounds my body. As I fall down into the darkness with no end in sight, very very very slowly.

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