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Sister Celeste looked out at the stars from her seat in the cockpit of the shuttle, looking out into the vast void beyond. Stavros had left her alone there as he had gone to check some control panels in the belly of the ship. As so often before the past few hours and days, her thoughts returned to the conflict between Idranel and Gaius, and how she had failed to resolve it. It had been abundantly clear from the moment she had tried to get them to talk it out that it would not happen. Gaius was too xenophobic and too hell-bent on insulting Idranel, and the Aeldari was too angry over what Gaius had done. Her fingers idly played with the rosarius hanging from her neck as she contemplated the situation. She would miss the xenos for sure. She didn’t care too much about the Aeldari as a whole, they were a threat to the Imperium and were they to be eradicated, she would not shed a tear, but she had come to like the quicksilver ranger.

But what her mind was focussed on even more, was something Idranel had said in the entire failed attempt at reconciliation. By destroying the spiritstone, Gaius had given power to a daemon. There was no proof for this of course, so she had dismissed it in the moment, and Gaius had refuted it, but there was something about his behavior that was erratic. Why had he destroyed the soulstone if he claimed he just wanted to investigate it? out of spite? it was possible, but maybe there was more to it. Strange things tended to happen when Gaius tapped into the warp, and while this was true for most psykers, it tended to happen a bit too often around this one. She would have to keep a close eye on him, and if he showed any signs of corruption, she would put a swift end to it.

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