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Getting to work

So yeah, after all that nonsense, I decided to treat myself by taking a small trip to the Reverie. And I gotta say, it was completely worth it. I particularly enjoyed little Viola’s show. See she’s this young up and coming singer who has this glowing lute. And when she starts performing, she uses her song to get all these small critters on stage to dance with her. Really a sight to see. And it’s not just the critters either. Cause you see, well how should I explain, it’s like her song calls out to something primal inside of me, you know. At least that’s the best way to think of describing it at least. Definitely the highlight of the evening. Not to say that the rest of the shows was bad mind ya. Just not as good as her. But all in all it was a good night. Mind ya I was a little disappointed that I didn’t get to see any of the big animals, seeing as I couldn’t find them but what ya gonna do. Though I gotta admit I was a little tempted to go backstage all sneakily like to see if I can them there, but I decided not to. See them folks at the Reverie is good folks and I didn’t wanna overstay my welcome by causing trouble for them. So I decided against that. I’ll just have better luck next time.

Now there was a slight downside to that little night of fun. And that being that I might have overslept a tiny bit, meaning that I missed the meeting with Harold Frode concerning the job for the old council. Thus the rest of ma group was a tad miffed when they had to drag me out of ma bed after the meet. Seemed that the old council wanted to hire us in order to figure what was causing them earthquakes that had been plaguing the town. See them had been trying to find a magical solution in order to figure out what’s causing the quakes, but that wasn’t really fanning out for them. So they wanted us to do some good old legwork for them in order to figure things out for them the good old fashioned way. See that is a common problem for them magic folk, they tend to focus so much on their magic that they tend to lose their grasp on common sense.

That said, they did at least manage to figure out that the cause of the quakes was somewhere in town, so that’s something to go on. Now I wasn’t one hundred percent on board with taking on two long lasting jobs, mostly due to my professional nature. See I like to do one job well instead of half-assing multiple jobs at once. But seeing as I wasn’t present for the meet, guess I don’t really have a right to complain. So there’s that. We lucked out though, as we’s had an inkling that the job for the gearheads and the old council might have one or two things to do with each other. But in order to make sure of that, Blue decided to whip out his fancy new sword in order to get some magic drops from it in order to get high and get a vision. Now in the vision we saw some dark bloke in a cave, holding a bloody dagger. And from time to time, he would smack the walls, causing another quake to start. So we took that as meaning that our hunch about the two being connected as being right.

Now sadly next to this, we had one other piece of annoying business to take care off. See that idiot Jester has put a hit out on me and Yanika. Seems that he got pissed off when we didn’t show up to see him after he sicced his goons on us last night. Now you might be wondering why only Yanika and me got bounties on our heads. Well there’s a simple explanation for that and that is that the rest of us don’t know how to deal with a bully. See when dealing with a bully, there is one thing that you must never ever do. And that is making the bully think that he has control over ya. And that is basically the signal that they gave to the idiot. They told: “Why yes master, we comes a running when you calls for us master. How are ya feeling master, can we do something for ya master. Please don’t hurt us master, have some of our dignity instead master, we don’t need it.” Sad turn of affairs that.

And it only gets worse. See in response to me telling the idiot that I was never gonna get no tats, he decided to give a gift. A jacket made out human skin that was covered in tats. Putting aside the bounty, that alone was enough to point out to us that we needed to deal with the idiot and fast. And like you probably know, there’s only one way to deal with a bully. We’ll actually there‘s five ways, but there’s only one good way to do it. But to illustrate my point, allow me to point them all out for ya. The first one is simple and one that the rest of the group, save Yanika and me, decided to go with. Namely pucker your lips and plant them firmly on the bully’s ass. And hope that he only beats you up sometimes. I do not need to point out the flaws in that plan and why it doesn’t work. So that brings us to the second way that also does not work. And it is roughly the same as the first except you find another, bigger bully. And while that rids you off the first bully, you remain with another bully, so that is why that doesn’t work. That brings me to the third way and while this might have immediate success, it will not work in the long run. And that is to run away. Just run whenever life starts pushing ya down. The problem here is that once you start running, you can never stop. And you will never be really happy. Now the fourth option is one that used in every city throughout the world and beyond. And that is find someone that wants to keep you safe from the bully. This can be an older brother or sister, a friend or a guard. And this works for the majority of folk. And for the most part, the bully will stand down, cause ultimately bullies are all cowards. They don’t like it when their victim can fight back. Now you might think that this is the way, and you would right. Right up until the point that your protector can’t keep you safe anymore. Might be because he’s moving away, busy with something else or stopped caring. Don’t really matter what the reason, ultimately you’ll find yourself alone. And then that bully is gonna come back, bringing all those years frustration of not being able to do what he wanted to you to bear at once. Thus there is only one real way to deal with a bully. And that is to stand up, grit your teeth and punch his lights out. Cause like I said, bullies are cowards and the last thing they want is to deal with someone who can throw a punch. It’s like they say, beat up man’s bully and he’ll be safe for a day. Teach him how to beat up his bullies and he’ll be safe for his whole life.

Now we was all set to raise hell, if it weren’t for old Gears. See, while he might have his good qualities, he certainly has his lesser ones to. Cause while we was rearing to go, he wanted to think about it and wait it out. See if he might some secret about the idiot that can keep us safe. That was starting to piss me off. I mean while we might not know each other for that long, I due consider them all as being good folk that I consider being good acquaintances at worst, friends at best. And I was starting to wander how far Gears needed to be pushed before he actually decided to take action. Now for the sake of the group and the spirit of cooperation, I decided to simple take a deep breath and go along with his next hair brained scheme. But I knew one thing for sure and that was that I wasn’t gonna risk Yanika’s life for his inability to stand up and take action. Don’t get me wrong though, I knew that she could handle herself in a fight. In fact if I had to rank each of our group in fighting prowess, she would definitely be somewhere around the top. But I also know that the idiot and his goons would never dare to face her in a fair fight. So I was gonna keep my eye on her, to make sure that when that time came, she wouldn’t be fighting that fight alone.

Now with that nasty piece of business not taken care of, we decided to get to work and investigate the disappearances of those guild workers. Now to get started, we decided to first head over to the construction site in order to check things out with the foreman. Now I would give you his name, but I honestly don’t remember. I wrote it down somewhere, but I think I was a bit wasted at the time cause I can’t read what I wrote down. Something starting with Dak I think. Maybe Dakheer, Dakhul, DakBar? I don’t know, not that important I guess. Plus I don’t really want to bother coming up with a nickname for him. See I only give out nicknames to those folk I either really like or to those that really piss me off. And before you say anything, the only reason I haven’t given Yanika and the likes a nickname yet is cause I haven’t come up with a good one yet. I was thinking spitfire on account of her feisty personality but that don’t seem to fit right. Now that I think about it, not that keen on Blue’s either, might have to give that one some more thought.

But back to my story, the foreman told us that the first ones went missing around a couple of weeks ago, with a bloke named Morin disappearing just yesterday. But it’s difficult to know for sure as they mostly work with day workers. Meaning that it is hard to know who disappeared and who just found different work and whatnot. Now it was at this point when the guy mentioned that one of the labs in the basement had a funny sulfur odor, that Majid just took off and ran inside, followed by Scruffy. I like Majid, like me he trusts his instincts and isn’t afraid to leap into action. Good guy, Good guy. I think I’m gonna name him Bull from now on. Ya know Strong, reliable, unable to hold him back when he charges forward. Like a real bull.

Now at that point, we each decided to go our own way in order to look things over. Yanika decided to look over the magic locks of the place on the count of them always being open the next day. Despite the foreman being sure that he closed them the night before. He figured thems be on the fritz, but Yanika quickly learned that while they might be difficult to open the normal way, it’s quiet easy to do with the right magics. So it could be that someone’s been sneaking in at night. Ace and Blue looked around the site in order to look for some unusual tracks, while Gears took a gander inside. Not much to say there except for Gears finding some rose petals off all things.

Anyway we eventually found our way to the lab that had that sulfur smell and someone, don’t really remember who, picked some dark magic aura. Meaning that there might be a ghost nearby. Now Ace, Yanika and Scruffy each decided to try to lure out the ghost in their own way. But that didn’t really work. Now I’ve learned from experience that if someone don’t wanna listen to reason, sometimes the best thing to do is to piss them off. Thus I decided to put that into practice and threw some good insults at the ghost. And let me tell ya, that was a bad idea. Cause when it appeared, I was the only one who could see it and it scared the bajeezes out of me. Imagine this figure made of burning wax appearing out of nowhere. Dripping all over the floor as it moves towards ya, all the while moaning. And that smell. Let me tell ya, there’s some smells ya never ever wanna smell. Just thinking about it gives me the willies.

Now when I calmed down a bit, I told them that there was indeed a ghost here. That was also the point that Scruffy decided to get smart and told me I was full of shit. Even went so far as to call me ugly, just cause he don’t like being called Scruffy. I was starting to get pissed off at that, but more importantly, I was also filled with feelings of pride. See I was worried that seeing as he was looking up to Gears and starting to imitate him and all, that he was also gonna take over his negative side. Ya know his inability to take action when action is needed and just let folk walk over him. But Scruffy, Scruffy has got some bite to him. Sadly Yanika intervened before I could figure out how far he was willing to take it. But I was happy knowing that there was hope yet for that boy. That said, I also knew that I was gonna have to do something bout him calling me ugly and all. Mean, I couldn’t just let that slide without repercussions, now could I?

Now Yanika managed to get the ghost to show himself. Luckily less disgusting than last time. Now the ghost died that night when the guild burned down. Seems like he was a homeless guy who would often sneak into the building in order to sleep in a warm room. Sadly that meant that he was forgotten that one night and perished. Now in regards to the missing workers, he said that he had no knowledge of those events. But he did give us one piece of important information. Apparently at night, some cloaked figure would often appear that scared even the ghost. Now that was some interesting bit of news.

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