First letter to Yanika : ghost stories

My dearest friend,

I hope you are doing well on your travels and that the winds favor you. I promised to write to you about the things that are happening with your fellow adventurers here in Himmin, so today I’m taking the time to write to you.

Kayne asked the group to help with this silver coin of his, having been given another possible location. So we went to check out this house in Goldgulch, and I must say, it fit the profile of creepy and spooky perfectly. It is a very dark and dreadful place, its mere presence intimidating. We knocked on the door and were answered by an old man who had never heard of these coins, but he could tell us that the house was haunted and it would be folly to enter. Apparently the house had once belonged to the notorious serial killer Alabaster Grimm, and his and his victims’ spirits still haunt the place.

Kayne of course insisted on going in anyway, despite the warning, and despite paladins and clerics having failed to come out alive. I will spare you many of the unpleasant details, but safe to say that entering any room, or interacting with anything in those rooms sets off the ghosts. Every time all doors closed, separating us from one another and making it hard to deal with things we could not see. Several times we were attacked by swarms of creatures, most of which turned out to be just illusions, but they hurt all the same.

Finally we made our way to the basement, after having investigated the entire ground floor, and there things went from bad to worse quickly. The first big room looked like a butcher’s shop, except with human torsos, and of course people started touching everything, setting off the haunts. Majid and I spent quite a bit of time trying to keep everyone else from killing each other, thinking Ace was a vampire and Kayne a zombie.

When we finally got through that horrible experience, we arrived at the second main room, which had a well. We lowered Aitlas down, as he can breathe underwater apparently, but it was a trap. Alabaster, or the monster he had turned into, was waiting at the bottom and almost instantly knocked out Aitlas. The fight was a difficult one, as we had to get Aitlas back out alive, which led to Kayne going down and almost suffering the same fate. Luckily for us, Alabaster decided to come up out of the well so he could deal with the rest of us, which gave us the opportunity to finally attack him in full and destroy him. So Kayne has his coin, Alabaster’s spirit is locked up, but it didn’t stop the haunting by the other ghosts.

In the end, they wanted us to leave them alone, so we did. I hope they will be able to find peace.

your friend,


ps: I always thought you exaggerated your stories about your friends, but you don’t, the stories are all true.

pps: Hellix is fine but missing you, even though he doesn’t show it.

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