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Faerin's Twenty first letter

To Marantha,

I have delayed writing this letter for far too long. Please add this to the long list items I must apologize for.

I have but little time before we head into Arcarost once more to tackle its most dangerous and most lethal challenge. It has been a long time waiting but I feel like it is our destiny to travel to the Mage Lords Tower in Arcarost.

We must to safeguard this world and to right an injustice that may be tormenting the father of one of my closest friends. A lot has happened since our last encounter. Most critically we have learned that the family of Nissa survived Arcarost. She has a mother, brother and sister again. Though, we had to pay a price to get them back. Nissa’s family had been captured by a demi-lich whom we only know as Amelut. He agreed to release them but only if we gave him a book called the Ethereal Solvanum. We travelled into the Feywild to retrieve the book and seemingly fought an entire war to obtain it. By doing so, we did manage to free an entire city from the rule fo a tyrant and prevent a Fey invasion of our world.

When we returned, I had a look at the book we were tasked to retrieve. It held the details of the pact that had been established between the Fey Realm and the Gods to prevent a war between the two. The book had several pages listed to spells and arcana dedicated to the establishment of the pact. We have since learned that the same type of magic had been used to seal Sevalaxos in his prison and allowed the ascension of Matt Mattonwy. It is the latter that the demi-lich hopes to replicate. We sought to outsmart the demi-lich as we did not want him to obtain this power. Alas, we had no hope against a being so powerful and ancient. In the end, we simply returned the book. But the demi-lich was true to his word and released Nissa’s family. Our only hope is that the book is but one small step in the long road towards ascension.

The reunion between Nissa and her family was bitter sweet as Nissa's father unfortunately did not make it. He had died all those years ago somewhere in the Arcarost Tower. His spirit has found no rest since. This was the last shove that pushed us to travel to Arcarost. Fierna had long ago learned of a magical ritual that could immediately place us close to the Arcarost Tower by using ancient teleportation symbols. We also knew that the rituals to seal Sevalaxos had been obtained from Matt Sadom by the Arcarost Mage Lord and have never been returned. Thus they may still be somewhere within the Tower.

All signs point to the Arcarost Tower and we have ignored it for too long. I am confident in the abilities of myself and that of my party. If anyone can prevail, it is surely us. But I do not dismiss the dangers. The Tower has long been a goal of my adventurers, few have returned and those that do are broken shells. I know that if it comes down to it, I will lay down my own life to save those of my party. Thus there is a possibility that I may not return.

It is for this reason that I write this letter. Out of all unresolved business that I would leave behind, you are the one that most torments my soul.

Every evening, I have sat with the Sending Stone in hand, but can never find the 25 words that will make it right.

Every night, I lie awake wondering if I could have acted differently, if I could have saved them.

I once had a dream that one day all of the people of Ourborros would live together in peace in harmony. In this world, no one should have to suffer the wrath or misplaced vengeance of others. I have set this as my goal and work every day to try to make the world a better place. To make sure the people, all people, can live happy and fulfilling lives.

Every time I fail in this, it cuts into my soul. Each time it leaves a deep wound that may never heal. But I press on.

I press on because you showed me that those people branded as evil by our society, still have the potential of good in them. I can only hope that after everything that has happened, that slimmer of goodness remains ever present in you.

I will not ask your forgiveness, for such a thing seems like an impossibility.

I only ask that you give this world a chance, that you give happiness a chance. No matter how hopeless the situation may seem now, I believe my dream of peace may become a reality. I still have hope to see you and your people part of this new world.

If you have reached the end of this letter, I thank you for giving me your time.

Your friend,

Faerin Khan

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