Faerin's Twenty fifth letter

Dear Father,

I hope everything is ok and that your new role is suiting you well. It has been a few days since we last saw each other, but much has happened.

It all started with a gnome wizard called Sevento, whom, I understand, passed by Khan Hall recently. As you might know, Sevento was looking for Thorin and I for information on how to transverse Arcarost safely. He hoped to find magical secrets there, but was wary to travel by himself due to the tales of great danger. He had learned of our own journeys into Arcarost from Cedric, whom he met in Woodsong. Cedric took Sevento to Khan Hall in the hope that we would be there. But as we were at Trollbane Keep, he convinced Sevento instead to buy several cask of Khan’s Finest to gain our favor.

They arrived a few days later at Trollbane, and with the beer they were very well received. The rebuilding has been going well, and at the time the main reconstruction within the keep was almost complete. Many dwarfs were lending a hand in its rebuilding and Thora has established quite the community around her. The men and women who have joined us see Thora as their leader and it is not a rare occurrence to see them bow in respect. Thora has really grown into her role, and has taken to wearing fancy mantles like I’ve seen some of nobles do.

With the beer that Sevento brought, we organized a large celebration. After all the hard work and accomplishments, we all needed a night off. However the celebration was interrupted by an alarm. One of the outpost cried out that a dragon had been sighted, but when we sped outside, no dragon could be seen. Cedric told us of a similar incident in Woodsong. There an elderly lady fell down in the town square, screaming that she had seen a dragon. We eventually decided to call in the help of Fierna and Nissa. Fierna was stayed back at her estate near Aurion with her sister. She too had heard similar reports of dragon sightings. Meanwhile Nissa had stayed with the clansmen near Woodsong to train them in the use of their new druidic grove. Nissa and her apprentice Anko had also heard tales of a dragon.

We all came together at Trollbane Keep and another alarm sounded. The dragon had appeared once more and was waiting on the road near the keep. We walked towards it and it was a large dragon, one of the biggest I had seen so far. As we approached, I called out and introduced ourselves. But the dragon seemed to have no intention to talk and moved to attack. Quick work from Fierna, Nissa and our new friend Sevento brought up magical defenses around us and the dragon's attacks deflected away. But the dragon also shrouded himself and we soon reached a standstill. It was however at this point that Fierna figured out that the dragon was testing us and called out for it to stop playing around with us.

The dragon relented and introduced himself as Corvalyn, leader of the faction formerly known as the Fanghunters. He admitted that he wanted to test us to see if we were up to the challenge after all of the tales he had heard. Corvalyn explained that Sevalaxos is getting closer to his release every day. Though there is still a mountain on top of the ancient dragon, he is slowly making progress. Sevalaxos is being aided by a splinter group led by Atraya, whom we believe master-minded the original escape by manipulating Xerax. Atraya has been gaining new followers from among the Fanghunters as Sevalaxos’ release becomes more imminent. Furthermore, the Fanghunters are having frequent skirmishes with the golems of the new Magelord of Arcarost. We agreed to help Corvalyn stop Sevalaxos as it is in everyone’s best interest.

We would journey the next day to Arcarost and speak to the Magelord to see if he had any information. But during that night, Cedric had a bad dream of a strange creature hunting him down across the planes because he has upset the order of the universe by killing Dullahan. From his description, it sounded like an Inevitable, a divine construct tasked by the Gods to carry out justice. Cedric wanted to run, but we told him that we would protect him and get this mess sorted out if there really was an Inevitable after him.

We teleported to the palace of Arcarost using Fierna’s magic. The palace had been cleaned up since the last time that we had visited it and there was now a faint scent of incense. There were still some small automatons around, finishing up the last of the work. We went to the tower and were greeted by Hamid, a servant of the Magelord. He escorted us to the constellation room where the new Magelord of Arcarost sat on an elegant throne. Luckily the Magelord listened to reason and saw the dangers that Sevalaxos posed. He agreed to stop his conflict with the Fanghunters for now and gave us some aid. The Magelord first showed us the work that he had been doing, and brought us to the Heart of Arcarost, a room with giant moving gears in the Arcarost Tower. The Heart creates constant small portals to other planes of existence and draws a tiny bit of power from them. The Heart was destroyed when the previous Magelord of Arcarost imprisoned Sevalaxos. Now that it had been restored, it once more powered all of the Arcarost golems. The Magelord shared that he intended restore Arcarost to its former glory. He is currently looking for new inhabitants to reside within the rebuilt city. However he was having trouble with a dragon-led glass-hoarding kobold force, a wandering Behir and a giant Celestial, whom all currently occupied the city. We agreed that we would help him if we could, if he would help us.

And so the Magelord allowed us access to the library and to the scrying mosaic, a magic room that allows one to look anywhere on Ourborros. We first used to scrying mosaic to search for Atraya, but found no traces. We then searched for the Dragon Empire far to the West. We found a desolate wasteland. As we pressed on, suddenly a giant dragon eye appeared and the mosaic fractured. So Sevento, Fierna, Cedric and Thorin headed to the library. Meanwhile Nissa and I went to talk to Graiss, the dragonborn scholar near Luacharn Grainne. When we asked about Atraya, he said that she had visited them not a week before. She had asked about the gem that Luacharn Grainne held. Afterwards she left east on a wyvern.

We regrouped at the Arcarost tower and decided to visit Pax. He was still in his cathedral but he was making plans to leave in about three months. We told him that we had defeated Dullahan and War, and he commended us. Pax was sorry to hear of the loss of Fin and Ferris. We also gave Pax the soul crystal we found in Dullahan’s castle. Pax thanked us as it housed the soul of a Celestial, which could now be released again. As a reward, he said that if we brought Thora and Peacebringer to him, he might be able to restore Fin without destroying Peacebringer. He also explained that there was indeed an Inevitable linked to Cedric and that the creature had likely been tasked by The Morrigan to kill anyone who kills Dulahan before her. Pax also knew of the Dragon Empire and offered to send us there if we were seeking information about Sevalaxos. We agreed and Pax brought us to a magical circle. In a flash, we were gone and stood in a carved-out cave.

The cave was ancient and spiderwebs covered the walls. It would have once been quite beautiful as traces of gold and gems could still be seen, including a massive golden dragon head flanked by humans. As we tried to move out of the cave, we were suddenly attacked by gem drakes. Luckily we were able to defeat them and could move on. Soon we reached the surface and discovered that we were indeed in the wasteland that we had seen before. Giant rocks seemed scattered across the desert. As we approached each rock, we found that they were long forgotten abodes of dragons. We search around but could not find a trace of the empire. However our magical senses told us that dragons were near, very near.

Fierna figured it out. We were looking at an illusion, and used her magic to pierce it. This revealed a vibrant city filled with dragons and dragonkin. This also revealed Akeria, a bronze dragon that had been tasked with watching us. Akeria brought us to the leaders of the Dragon Empire, the two Consuls and Senate. There was Shondanto, the metallic consul, and Afistamur, the chromatic consul. They were housed in a giant building made up out of interlocking circles. We asked about the sealing magic that was used to imprisoned Sevalaxos, but they were understandably hesitant to share it. It can be used to acquire great power and they would only give it to a trustworthy individual. They did not trust us with it.

So we left the Senate empty handed, however a black dragon called Zamora offered to help us navigate the city. We could stay at her residence and make use of her kobold servants. In return, she only ask us to listen to her proposal. She wanted to take Arcarost for her family, and if we could aid her, we would be rewarded. We told her we would consider it.

Sevento, Fierna and Cedric visited the library in the Dragon Empire. Meanwhile Thorin, Nissa and I went to the main temple complex near the Senate building. There we learned that as expected, the Dragons worship the same pantheon of gods that we do. We also got some valuable insight into the nature of dragon ageing. Apparently a dragon’s mind does start to lose as they approach the end of their natural life span. However it is the body that is the problem, while the soul remains pure.

On our next stop, we visited the residence of the House that Sevalaxos was part of. While they are still around, they have long fell from their glory days. We managed to meet with Allidra, the mate of Sevalaxos. She took on a human form to greet us, so we would not be terrified of her. She sat in a throne room with piles of gold, although it was clear that the piles had once been a lot larger. Allidra told us that Sevalaxos went insane the day of his ascension to Consul. There had been a feast planned, but he never arrived. Instead he went on a rampage and then left east, never to be seen again. This was but hours after Alterion Arcarost had stolen the sealing magic from the vault in the Dragon Empire. As far as she knew Alterion had no specific grudge against Sevalaxos, other than that he was the strongest dragon of the age. Consul Shondanto led the investigation into the incident and hired Orin Dragonheart, a renowned dragon hunter, to figure out what had happened. However the details of the investigation were not revealed to Allidra and the matter was considered closed. She told us that if possible, she wished to see Sevalaxos restored. She did tell us an additional secret. Sevalaxos and his father were seeking the means to prolong their life by any means necessary. The plan was to trap their souls in two bright rubies, similar to the key of Sevalaxos’ prison. She did swear us to secret as this was severely frowned upon by the Dragon Empire. We thanked Allidra for the information and left with several new leads.

Unfortunately we now had many questions and no one we knew could or would answer them. So we used Sevento’s magic in the hopes of contacting Orin Dragonheart’s soul. We were startled to learn with our first question that Orin was not dead, and that his whereabouts were currently unknown. However he was last seen in the Wandering Walker. The notes of his investigation still existed and were being kept by Consul Shondanto, and he did uncover some kind of conspiracy against Sevalaxos.

Luckily we recently gained access to the Wandering Walker, a mystical inn that can teleport form place to place. Nissa had learned the secret ritual that allowed one to get to the inn wherever it was. When we arrived at the Wandering Walker, it was in a landscape of rolling hills. It was also empty, save for the bartender. We took it easy, ordered some drinks and waited for the guests to arrive. After a few hours, several familiar faces appeared from the last time, we had been in the Wandering Walker. The bartender pointed out one individual, a ranger with a dark cloak, as Orin. We went over, introduced ourselves, and asked about the investigation long ago. Orin told us that he was tasked by Consul Shondanto to investigate the break-in. Orin found that it was Shondanto himself who had to take the sealing magic from the vault and given it to Magelord Arcarost. Shondanto had specific asked for the Magelord to target Sevalaxos. Orin's hiring had merely been a cover story. We thanked Orin for the information and headed back to the Dragon Empire.

While we had learned something extremely important, it was hard to put to use. We do not have the standing in the Empire to challenge Shondanto, nor would it do us much good, at least that is what Cedric says. Thorin communed with Dianecht to ask about our next steps. From this communion, we did learn that Sevalaxos had not reach the stage of a pure undead yet, but was now solely a creature of instinct. We also asked about Atraya, one of Sevalaxos’ followers, and learned that she somewhere in the Trollbarrens. Finally we confirmed that indeed the sealing magic could only be found in the Dragon Empire on Ourborros.

We bid our farewells to Zamora, the back dragon who had housed us, and returned back to Trollsbane Keep as Atraya was the last lead we could follow. As we passed the keep, we stopped by Thora to tell her of Pax’ offer. Thora was excited about the prospect of getting her sister back, but was a bit hesitant about the effects on Peacebringer. We said that Pax could be trusted. Now we know that we were wrong.

We left immediately to Arcarost, going through Woodsong. Before long, we were at Pax’ doorstep once more and sent him a message through Sending. He had already prepared the ritual. Pax warned us not to interfere with the ritual lest Fin’s soul or the weapon be lost. We handed him Peacebringer and he started praying in Celestial. As he held Peacebringer in one hand, mist formed out of his other. The mist swirled and become solid in the form of a Dwarf, Fin. Pax then took the crystal with the angel’s soul and placed it against Peacebringer. The weapon started to glow and grow until it was the right size for Pax. He exclaimed that his plan was finally complete after waiting for so long, and that he was now reunited with his twin. We asked what the meaning was of all this, and apparently this is what Pax had planned all along, and this was the reason why he had kidnapped The Morrigan. He had created the need for Peacebringer to be reforged so that he could acquire it. Instead of a mortal soul, it now held the soul of a demi-god and was far more powerful, likely strong enough to kill a God. Pax said that he would now do what his mother was afraid to do, and bring everlasting peace to Ourborros by slaying the Gods of war. He turned and headed towards his teleportation circle, ravens in hand. I tried to stop him from leaving but he simply swatted me away like a puny fly.

Pax was gone and had taken Peacebringer, but we did have Fin back so he hadn’t broken his promise in that regard. We rushed another communion with Dianecht to explain the situation. She was unaware, but told us that Nunda, the other God of war, would be warned. We returned to Woodsong once more, and resolved to remain focused on our own task with Sevalaxos for now. When we arrived, the townsfolk did ask us if we knew where Father Porthas had gone. We contacted him and he said that he had gone east to do something.

We journeyed on, back to Trollsbane Keep, where we took our rest. In the morning we leave for the Trollbarrens in search of Atraya. I hope that Pax can be stopped as he risks endangering the very fabric of our existence.

Love to mother.

Your son,

Faerin Khan

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