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Faerin's Tenth letter

To my dear friends Welby and Zora,

I hope the rebuilding of Woodsong is going well and trust that you are both in good health.

Some events have transpired that I feel you should be aware of and I have a small request from you.

A few days ago, my brother Thorin and I set off to our homeland, the Beinhall Hills. We were travelling with the Tiefling Faera, whom has been trying to evade capture and return to Aurion. Her sister, Fierna, had disguised herself to look as Fierna and returned to Aurion in her stead. I am telling you this, because the plot no longer matters and it will become important in a moment.

We first travelled to Kramer’s Crossing by elk and horse. As there was three of us, we took turns riding in tandem. The journey took us three days, each time stopping to rest at one of the old watch towers. Upon arriving at the Crossing, it was clear that it was still damaged from the recent Kobold raid that had momentarily trapped my kin from coming to Woodsong’s aid. However the inn was already up and running again, and was host to two other individuals save for ourselves. Both had stories that are relevant to your recent experiences.

The first we met in the evening. His name was Ivan Misha Padrov. He claimed to be a travelling hunter. He bore the symbol of Arawn, the god of life and death, and shared its hatred of the undead. Indeed he had apparently been hunting a single cursed family line for almost 30 years. An ancestor had stolen an object from the Vault of Creation, and now his entire family was cursed to wander this plain as undead creatures bound to the Vault itself. Only one of these remains, namely Wodin. The remaining members had been hunted down by Ivan, among others. The story of this Wodin reminds we too much of the undead we encountered so long ago called Naeris. He too was bound to the Vault of Creation and tasked to retrieve the key of the Vault of Arcarost. Miri has spoken of a new undead that is wandering this valley in search of the same key, but I have not met it nor do I know if it is the same one that Ivan is hunting.

The second visitor we met the following morning. The wife of Kramer had tasked us to wake one of the patrons as she had not been seen leaving her room for almost two days. My brother and I gained entry to the room to check if the patron had fallen sick or worse, but were surprised to discover our good friend Fierna. She was covered in blankets and was slow to get to her feet. Apparently she had no recollection of the previous day, not even of arriving in Kramer’s Crossing! Last she remembered she was almost in Aurion, her disguise as her sister still in place. Upon investigation, she did not have a similar tattoo as the one bestowed upon you two when you woke up here, but she did have a strange small red mark at the back of her head. We are still no the wiser on what has transpired her, but I cannot feel like it may be connected to your story.

We would follow up these stories further, however we have been called back to our clan to deal with Dwarven business. Indeed, our allies Miri and Nissa were also called to Khan Hall by our elder Tukas Khan. My brother Dhorin himself made the treacherous journey through the forest to get them as quick as possible. I fear we would be preoccupied with these dealings for some time.

I therefore ask of you to keep your ears open for rapports of an undead called Wodin travelling the lands, or his hunter Ivan. Furthermore, if Fierna’s story triggers some additional memories of how you got to Kramer’s Crossing, let us know. Do not do anything to endanger yourself. Stay safe.

Thorin gives his regards.

Take care and remember we are all in this together.

Best wishes,

Faerin Khan

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