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Faerin's Sixth letter

Dearest Father,

Thank you for your help in committing Dwarven troops to the effort to save the valley from the terrors of Xerax. I have yet to see them, but have heard that they are 30 of the finest Dwarfs (save for Clan Untgart, whom I understood were not in time to contribute any troops). However they have been held up at Kramer’s Crossing by a raid of winged kobolds accompanied by a wyvern. Brother Thorin and Sister Airyn delivered us this news just a few days ago. Even if they manage to push back the raid, it is unlikely that they will be on time to aid in the defense of Woodsong.

Your efforts however have warmed my heart. I knew we Dwarfs would not abandon this valley or the humans of Woodsong to its fate. Indeed, the defense of Woodsong has become critical. We have received a message directly from Xerax, stating that we had three days to leave the valley or be destroyed. His messenger was a large fire elemental in the shape of a salamander. It was summoned in the middle of the Drake Bash monument that we had erected only the day before, destroying it entirely. After delivering its message, the fire elemental simply disappeared. While Xerax may attempt to test our resolve with such opulent displays of power, I find my heart hardened for the coming battle. For I know that I have Lugh on my side, and together we are a force that fights for the joy and beauty of this world. Something that Xerax directly opposes.

This message was followed by a brief confrontation with the Black Knight that had been seen wandering the surroundings. We had hoped to implore for his aid. But when I laid my eyes upon him, I knew him to be an enemy that must be dispatched for the good of the world. Such a fiend could not be allowed to continue to walk our pristine valley. The knight dared to charge us and drew his blade to strike myself and my siblings. But he proved no match for the bond that exists between my friends and family. Nissa turned into a spider and crafted a web that was as beautiful as it was ensnaring. After which I summoned Lugh’s might and smote him down with holy power. We claimed his items as our own so that some good may come of this foul fiend. He had in his possession a symbol of Morrigan, goddess of battle, along with a magic sword and an adamantine full plate. We know not from whence this beast had come, and it may be good that we will never know now.

Our first order of business was then to evacuate the town prior to the coming invasion. Airyn proved to be of great aid here in her help to get everyone organized and out of the town. Miri meanwhile scouted the surroundings. While doing so, she learned two things. The first was that she encountered Wodan, the successor to Naeris in retrieving the flame crystal from Anzo or wherever it may currently be. Secondly, Miri noticed an ongoing battle raging near the Elven village. The elves seemed to possess great magical power and we set out to ask them to team up in the war against Xerax. On our journey there, we stumbled upon a snake people camp. We dispatched several, however at least 4 of them and 1 human were unaccounted for. This human may be the Mage Burkly whom we encountered later.

Upon our arrival at the outreaches of the Elven village, we were greeted by Glorandal Caelas and his animal companion Uhr. He agreed to take us to the village and arrange an audience with their leader. We were told to wait in the village. Airyn took the opportunity to make some sketches of the Elven designs for her weapon crafting. A while later their leader, Gol Venthim, arrived back at the village. He promised us some aid in return for our help to defeat the human mage and the fire elemental that were tormenting the village. Airyn and Thorin stayed behind to defend the settlement, while the rest of us set out to do battle with the mage. With Nissa’s and Miri’s tracking capacities, we soon found him and did battle. We forced him to surrender after a few bouts and extracted all information we could in exchange for sparing his life. The mage was named Burkly and he was sent here by an unknown third party that has a vested interest in Xerax. He has been order by his master whom he could not reveal due to a magic promis to aid Xerax in any way. The same master was apparently responsible for revealing to Xerax the spell required to raise the mountain. However Burkly did reveal that the spell is a ploy. It will not actually awake the volcano but has another sinister purpose that Xerax is not aware of. He also revealed that the planned attack on Woodsong is a diversion while Xerax enters Arcarost to begin his preparations to cast the spell. He has however committed his entire force to Woodsong. We then imprisoned Burkly in the Elven village and forced him to dismiss the Fire Elemental that had been rampaging through the lands.

The Elves kept their promise, however I am bound by my word not to reveal any more, and gave us troops to aid Woodsong with great risk to themselves. We then returned to Woodsong and found that preparations had been made for its defense. Miri rode out and rallied more of the Tower Guard and town guard to come to the defense of the town. In this manner, we were joined by Father Porthas, Orson, Fiera and even Erevan the Aurion emissary.

We have travelled long and hard to arrive at this point. Xerax’s army is fast approaching and myself and my companies are exhausted from the events over the past few days. But we aim to triumph against the vile forces of our foe. Else tonight we sleep in hell. We shall not give up and we shall not flee. Xerax has made a mistake of angering this valley. We shall stand together against him and with Lugh’s blessing we shall prevail.

I am unsure if this letter will even reach you. But no matter what happens, I know that the Khan clan will remain strong and thrive in the coming years.

I love you all.

Your son,


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