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Faerin's Seventh letter

Dearest Father,

The battle for Woodsong is over. We were victorious!

The situation looked dire. We were gravely outnumbered, with only 50 elves, 20 Tower Guard and 20 city guards on our side, while Xerax’s army numbered in the hundreds. Those who had remained behind had done their best to fortify the main square. But Xerax’s forces were confident enough that they split into three groups to besiege the city.

Myself, Nissa, Thorin, Miri and Fierna choose to guard the western flank, near the temple. We were already tardy in our arrival, as the temple was already being looted when we arrived. Before it stood a shaman capable of casting dark and evil spells. Fierna blasted it clear into the temple so that we may begin the battle proper. But from the temple burst forth a hideous snake creature made from bones. The shaman then summoned a large number of crocodiles among our ranks. We took the battle to them, and soon after Miri was able to burn down the vile bone creature as Thorin strook down the shaman with his divine magic.

But we were not given a moments rest, as the horns of battle blew once more and we were engaged by several snake people and their clan king. They assaulted our rear flank, bringing the danger to Thorin. The fight was though and we were unsure if we would prevail. We were still exhausted from our previous days travel. Miri especially could barely stand and was clutching Nissa’ beastly shape to remain mobile. Just as the tide seemed to be turning, the fight was joined by more lizard folk and a basilisk. Knowing the dangers, we quickly averted our eyes, but this did not help our situation. Sensing that this battle would grow poorly for us, Fierna cast a fog cloud over the street were we fought. We were now forced to find our foes within the thick fog that obscured all, but so were they. Moreover this essentially eliminated the basilisk, who we could dispatch with safety within the vision obscuring cloud as it was trapped in magic vines. The fight was soon over with the bodies of our enemies at our feet.

Having secured the west flank, we returned to the main square to reinforce the central position. However upon our arrival we quickly noticed that the battle was going poorly. The force we had held in reserve had already been called in. The human guards were attempting to retreat from enemy archer fire as the lizard folk harassed their lines. We ran in as fast as we could to join the fray. I rallied a number of guards around my position to form a tight block to rappel the incoming attacks. But our flanks were exposed and soon everyone stood in melee with one or more of the lizard creatures as the archers picked us of with arrows. With the battle turned against us, I focused on channeling Lugh’s power to provide everyone with the strength to keep fighting. While my exhaustion was making it difficult for me to even swing my sword, I shouted out to the archers to target me instead of my allies hoping that my armor would protect me. It was a tough fight, both Thorin and Miri went down but could be quickly revived. Fierna’s trusty raven, Tychondrius was unfortunately strook down by the enemy and disappeared in a puff of smoke. But with our last bits of strength, we drove back the snake people archers and lizard folk that we were engaged in. However we still had an entire square filled with them to contend with.

As we made peace with the gods, we got ready to make a final push. Just then we heard the sounds of Dwarven horns as we saw a new force join the fray. The Dwarven army that had been trapped at Kramer’s Crossing, had arrived. Led by the sisters Fin and Thora Untgart, the new arrivals forced the forces of Xerax into a rout. The elven archers could then make quick work of those trying to flee and with that the battle was won.

It was early morning as the sounds of metal and fire were silent. With the promise of a meeting between the leaders later that afternoon, we went to sleep. We then awoke and met up in the Broken Tower Inn with representatives from all the armies, the leaders of the Tower Guard and the city guard, the elf Gol Venthim, the dwarfs Fin and Thora Untgart, Father Porthas of the Obligators, and finally our small band save Miri and Nissa who remained resting. As we had slept, the elves had been scouting the area and the priests had been healing the wounded. As we compared notes with the others, we soon realized that though the battle may have been won, the valley was not yet safe. Xerax had sent this army as a distraction, while he himself attempts to complete the spell. While he hopes to wake the volcano, we already know that he has been deceived and that the spell will do something else. The spell will use the fire gem that was in Anzo’s possession, a gem that we now know to be a key to the Vault of Creation. We cannot take the risk that this spell will be cast and must prevent Xerax from doing so at all costs.

Thorin and I therefore decided to take a small band of volunteers into Arcarost in the hopes of stopping Xerax. We will be joined by our good friends Miri, Fierna and Nissa, along with Zora who lost her brother Anzo in Arcarost and the wolf Maugrim, whom we hope can track Xerax or Anzo within the ruined city. We will leave as soon as our preparations are final and our allies have found their rest. Thorin and I have been coordinating with Fin and Thora, the daughter of Trollbane Untgart, with the repair and healing effort of Woodsong. We also shared some of Khan’s Finest with them and found the company of Dwarves a welcome change from our adventures in these lands the past few weeks. I am pleased to report that something may be blossoming between Thorin and Fin, as they exchanged hand axes prior to our departure. If we are successful in our quest into Arcarost, I am hopeful of a wedding between clans in our future.

Love to mother.

Your son,

Faerin Khan

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