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Faerin's Fifth letter

Dearest Thorin,

Things are finally looking up. Our brother Dhorin has arrived in Woodsong and delivered the emergency supply of Khan’s finest. Just in time for the grand celebration following our victory over the drakes.

I also met the most fascinating woman called Marantha. We talked and danced. Then she turned into a snake woman, tried to kill me and summoned poisonous snakes to kill everyone in Woodsong. But I feel like we had a real connection.

But I get ahead of myself. Shortly after dispatching the drakes terrorizing Woodsong, we rode south to retrieve the fleeing villagers. Fierna stayed behind and encountered the Black Knight again. The Knight had arrived to help, but all the drakes had been defeated. The Knight did reveal to Fierna that he had been in a war with Dwarves, which explains the dent in his armor and the symbol. The Knight then left without incident. As far as I am aware there haven’t been any major wars in this region for centuries. Perhaps while you are in Khan Hall, you could check the historical archives for mentions of a battle or these knights?

Returning to town in the early morning, I set about with a grand plan to raise the spirits of the townsfolk. A grand festival to celebrate our victory over the drakes! Nissa suggested the name Drake Bash and so Drake Bash it was! I set everything in motion, and then went to bed in the stables of the inn.

I awoke to the sounds of explosions and arguments near the inn. Apparently an emissary from Aurion had arrived to town to retrieve Faera, sister of Fierna. Faera did not want to return and was using her magic to blow up some crates that the emissary, Erevan, was hiding behind. Eventually Faera was knocked out and taken to her room. Erevan was revealed to be the son of the advisor of Fierna’s and Faera’s father. I did not have much opportunities to interact with him as I was taking care of the festival.

Nissa and I had grand plans for the festival. Different stales with games, like Slap The Drake and Happy Hungry Drakes, and foodstuffs, like fried chicken and cake, were setup in the main square. However Nissa pointed out that not everyone was fully on board with the festival, as there had been several casualties among the town guard and people were still in mourning. So we decided to honor them by commissioning a statue in their honor. I found a local Dwarf called Vosark Ungard who could make a grand wooden statue. Given that the festival was that evening, we agreed to first build a temporary placeholder, which would be replaced by the permanent statue two weeks later. We got the major to announce the statue at the funeral of the lost guards that afternoon. The permanent statue itself would then also be placed later on their graves.

However our festival preparations were once more put on hold as Fierna and Faera needed help. Faera had escaped once more from the grasp of Erevan and paid Fierna to help her. There had apparently been quite a confrontation between Erevan and Orson of the Obligators as Faera made her escape. Fierna drafted a plan to aid her sister, and has sent Miri away to create false tracks away from the Obligator camp. Faera will then use her magic to disguise herself, making Erevan believe that she has run away from Woodsong. This did mean that Miri missed the festival, but I made sure that there was a party box set aside for her.

That evening was the Drake Bash festival. It was then also that Dhorin arrived with the ale delivery. We exchanged stories and got each other back up to speed. Apparently you have been causing quite a stir at Khan Hall and have been rallying our forces to defend against the lurking danger. Good job!

I got Nissa to keep Dhorin company as I thought they would make a nice couple. It would be good for Dhorin to find someone who could help him find his confidence and some direction in life. And Nissa might be a good fit as she is a very caring person with a heart of gold. They stayed together the entire evening, so I consider my ploy as a success.

I checked up on Father Porthas, Orson and Marianne, who all attending the festival. Marianne was mostly interested in the puppet shows and retired quite early in the evening. Porthas and Orsen stayed a while longer and kept our company.

I alone went to visit Welby and Zora with two party boxes as they weren’t joining. Welby was under care of the temple and still recovering from his trauma with the kobolds. Zora stayed at his side, likely also not fully recovered from her encounter with the snake people encampment.

I returned to the festival and joined Nissa and Dhorin in some drinking. It was then that Maranta joined our table. She eventually got me alone and revealed her deception. She was an assassin, sent by Xerax to take us out. It is more than likely that she was also behind the drake attack the previous evening. She then stabbed me with a knife, which hurt almost as much as her betrayal.

Luckily I had Lugh on my side. I called to his aid and entrapped Marantha in spiritual vines, restricting her movement. But she still had her magic at her disposal and we were a stone’s throw away from where the villagers were dancing. I pleaded with her to stop her attacks, that she doesn’t have to do what Xerax tells her. I feel like I did get through to her a bit, but it wasn’t enough. She summoned her snakes and forced my hand. I summoned all of Lugh’s might and struck her, forcing her to release the summoning spell and dispelling the snakes. In the meantime Nissa and Fierna had come to my aid. I rushed into the town square to heal those villagers that had been bitten. But in so doing, Maranta got away.

And so this is where we are. The festival ended on a sour note. We are all wounded and tired. The danger from Xerax and his minions is ever looming. We are trying our best to keep the people safe and thus far we have been rather successful. I hope you will return to our aid soon, we could surely need it.

Love to Mother and Father,

thank Barin for the ale.

Your brother,


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