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Concerning store credit

Hello everyone,

As you know, ever since our first job together, most of you, minus Firecracker who has more common sense than you lot, have been CONSTANTLY WINING bout a certain matter. Namely the idiotic notion of accepting store credit instead of good old fashioned gold. Now I had thought that I had made my notions on this perfectly clear. But apparently I was wrong as you lot keep wasting valuable time on trying to convince me that store credit is somehow a good thing. Time I might mention that we could be using to beat up more jackasses that deserve. A couple of particular jackasses come to mind. So in the interest of saving time, I decided to be civil and write down my feelings concerning this. This way when next you lot start whining to me, I can just hold this in front of your faces and save time. So without wasting more time, let’s get started.

Now I would like to point out why I prefer gold. See when I got started as a mercenary and when I got out of prison, the boss asked me “Kayne, where do you see yourself in 5 years? Why do you do what you do?” And that is when she taught me the true meaning of our work. See what we do is basically putting our lives on the line for coin. There is nothing wrong with that, I mean we get paid the big bucks that. But in order to do that, we need a clear goal of why we want said big bucks. You see doing it just to get more money is foolish. Cause in the end, money is just a tool that helps us in to reaching our true goal in life. So you see for me that is doing to work to earn money in order to fulfill my grand five year plan.

And in order for you to get this, I will get a bit personal and explain what my plan is. Maybe that will help you get a better view of my position. You see, I have a dream. Namely to acquire a true independent lifestyle. A life that I will build up by myself true hard work. And for that, I need to have my own home. A nice house, not too big and not too small. Either inside of this city or the outskirts of it. With plenty of room and a yard for pets to run round in and in the future hopefully some little ones. You know, a place where I might start a family of my own. With room for perhaps a small smithy where I might reconnect with my mother’s legacy and learn to smith again.

And for that, I NEED GOLD and lots of it. So when you lot start selling all our lot for stinking store credit, it messes up my dream. Cause that is the truth bout the scam that is store credit. You think you are getting your values worth when you sell stuff for credit, but you are not. Cause gold does not only have its value that you use for buying stuff, it also gives you the freedom to spend it wherever you want. Store credit does not do this. Neither does it help you with the buying of daily necessities like food and drinks and clothes and maintenance fees for gear or booze when you on a night in the town and whatnot. Store credit just means that you can buy stuff at one store. And usually that means that you start buying stuff that you don’t need. Cause I can already tell you that Khan is already thinking of saying store credit is only good for a certain period. Thus putting more pressure on you to buy stuff that you otherwise would not.

And that brings us to the true reason of why you lot like store credit so muck. You are all suffering from a bad case of loot lust. I mean just look at last time. You got a big payday and immediately you are buying up a trove of magic items. Now don’t get me wrong, I like magic items as much as the next guy. And as you are all crazy for them, I thus get why you want as much store credit as possible. Cause at first glance, it seems like a good deal. But let me ask you, what are you gonna do when you find a magic item at another shop, where you don’t have store credit? Then you are stuck.

For me personally, I do not have the need to go out and buy specific items at this time. Thus for me, store credit is a very bad deal. As it does not help me reach the goals that I have set out for myself. That said, I am willing to offer a few solutions.

Solution 1, we sell all our loot to Khan. And you all buy out my share of the store credit. I will then no longer use said store credit or make any claims on it. For example, let’s say we sell something for 700 store credit. That means that each of us gets 100 store credit. As I have no need for it. You lot give me 100 gold and you can divide my store credit amongst yourselves. You happy I happy. That seems like a fair deal.

Solution 2: we STOP SELLING FOR STORE CREDIT and you lot STOP WINING. And if you think that Khan is not giving you a fair price, here is a tip. Find someone else to buy it. There are other merchants out there who might pay a better price. It just takes a bit longer.

Solution 3: we set a limit. For instance if we would get less than 500 gold for our stuff, we accept store credit. If not, we take good old gold. And I know you could cheat this by selling our loot piece by piece. But let’s be adults here, before someone loses his front row teeth.

And lastly I want to talk bout accepting store credit for a job. NEVER GONNA HAPPEN PERIOD

And these is my thoughts on store credit.

Sincerely, Kayne

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