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Case file: The Ice Skimmer explosion

New client: None yet

The Ice Skimmer exploded in the Cliffside Docks. Foul play is expected.

Task: Figure out who blew up the Ice Skimmer and killed Captain Monty

Fee: Justice!


  • The explosion likely happened in the boiler room. The Ice Skimmer had not taken flight in many years. It seemed unmoving prior to the explosion, ruling out an accident.

  • The Ice Skimmer was the ship that took Estar on the expedition where most of the crew was lost. The expedition was to the Far North. The engines became too cold and a landing was forced. The ship was damaged and couldn’t relaunch. Crew was attacked by ice creatures, resulting in massive loss of life. After repairs and launch, the ship only limped back to Himmin, many of the remaining crew starved or were frozen.

  • Someone matching Estar’s description was seen on the Ice Skimmer prior to the explosion. Estar says he hasn't seen Monty for years.

  • Monty was a regular patron of a local bar, but kept mostly to himself. He was described as a quiet and reserved person.

  • Monty left all his money to Estar. Although Estar seemed unaware of this fact prior to Monty's death.

  • A chest with a piece of cake was discovered that matches a type that Estar likes on the ship.

Current theories:

  • Nathan is responsible. Revenge for the death of Safina.

  • Estar is responsible. He and Monty blamed each other for the loss of their crew and friends.

  • Monty took his own life, after an exchange with Estar or Nathan.

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