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Case dossier: Himmin Earthquakes

New client: Harald Frode & The Old Council of Himmin

Task: Identify the origin of the strange earthquakes and put a stop to them if possible.

Fee: 500 gold per week, but need frequent reports

Restrictions: Need to keep our reputation high, no fraternizing with gangs or getting arrested

Leads from the Old Council:

  • Earthquakes are not natural in origin. They are limited to the mountain and seem to be originating from the city.

  • Checked with druids and clerics, no one knew an answer.

  • No specific pattern to the earthquakes.

New leads:

  • A mirrorsheen vision showed a dark figure causing both the earthquakes and the disappearances from the Arcanin Guild Hall

  • Mysterious stranger has been kidnapping workers to dig up a Mithril vein and is somehow causing the earthquakes

Current suspect: Mysterious stranger (name unknown, age unknown)

  • Covers his face with a skull mask, often dressed with a black coat and a black top hat

  • Powerful arcane wielder, possibly an artificer. Gear-based magic. Can animate statues into magical hard-punching constructs. DO NOT stand near statues when he is around.

  • Has a limp in the right leg

  • Has a fascination with elven women, perhaps a previous (deceased) lover, and roses. Likely connected to a grave marker with a black rose (that he probably placed himself)

  • Can impersonate other people, most notably Estar Arcos

  • Limited means and resorts to stealing, but seems well-educated

  • Has knowledge of a way to avoid the curse of the Black Maze

  • Unafraid to remove any individuals he does not need, but is not specifically blood-thirsty

  • Possible connection to abandoned building in Noble district

  • Believes to be working towards the good of the city

Current theories:

  • Mask may be hiding disfigurement

  • Disgruntled former Arcanin Guild Member

  • Unlikely to be a Dwarf, but may still be involved with the Dwarven ruins

  • Possibly Nathan from the Burnbright Engine accident, out for revenge against Estar Arcos.

  • Top hat is perhaps the real Estar Arcos, or a duplicate created from the Burnbright accident

  • As unbelievable as it may be getting, Eric may still be a lich in this form. Liches are tricky...

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