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Case dossier: Arcanin guild hall

Updated: Dec 14, 2020

New client: Ravan Dox

Fee: Promised 1000 gold (350 gold in advance) to stop the disappearances happening at the new guild Hall construction


  • 15 years ago: Burn Bright engine experiment disaster went wrong. Nathan died. Brom died. Estar escaped. Guild Hall destroyed

  • 1 year ago: Guild Hall reconstruction starts. Soon thereafter unconfirmed disappearances of day workers.

  • Few months ago: Disappearances become more noticeable as specialists start vanishing. Rumours of the site being cursed start spreading.

  • 1 month ago: Ravan orders the rapid construction of Lab A so that the newly returned Estar can do some research. The exhibition platform is at some point before or after blocked of from normal workers.

  • Recently: The member locks kept opening as if broken. No keys had been handed out except to Ravan and Dakmar. Possible magical unlocking.

  • Yesterday: Marin disappears, his tools left as if he was still working

Key players:

Ravan Dox:

Hobgoblin Guild Master of the Arcanin Guild. Very capable and cares for the guild, but has a streak of arrogance. Has an adopted Elven daughter.


Lead responsible for the rebuilding of the Guild Hall. Genuinely concerned about the disappearances. Is giving full co-operation with the investigation and seems to not have a motive to delay the reconstruction.

Estar Acros:

Human explorer/inventor. Self absorbed, but seems genuinely intelligent. Do not get him to start telling stories. Feels sad/guilty about what happened with Nathan 15 years ago, although might not have told the entire truth. Does not suspect involvement of a third party in accident. Seems to be unaware of what is causing the disappearances.


Ghost in lab B. Died 15 years ago. Refugee from Esterdelle. No remaining relatives. Possibly unable to move on as no one knew that he died. Likely cause of the sulfur smell in Lab B. Has heard music at night (from Estar's lab probably) and once saw a figure engulfed in darkness stalking the labs.


  • Tanril's Gearheads did not show up to work, have address

  • Marin disappeared, have address

  • Traces of disappearance removed with acid, suggests someone familiar with alchemy

  • Locks could have been bypassed with mid level magic, suggesting someone with knowledge of the divine or arcane arts

  • Weird clockwork museum statues

  • Why is the exhibition platform a secret?

  • Mirrorshine vision indicates relation between tremors and disappearances

Current theories:

  • Disappearances are being used as a sacrifice for strange cult rituals involving something Dwarven buried under the city

  • Disappearances are an active act of sabotage to stop the completion of the Guild Hall

  • A creature is loose in the Guild Hall and some one else is covering it up by removing the evidence

  • Workers are being kidnapped to turn into an unstoppable army of undead by a lich (Eric?)

  • The whole case is an illusion crafted to distract us from the true mystery of the city.

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