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Beginnings Part 1

Updated: Oct 19, 2020

“Why thank you kindly” Kayne said with a grin as he accepted the mug of ale that the stranger handed him. He took a deep swig as the stranger sat down at his table in front of him. “Aaah, this is that dwarven stuff right, what’s it called again?” He snapped his fingers as it came to him “Right Khan’s Stoutrock ale, that’s the one. That is some good stuff. You sir are a man of class.” The stranger pulled out some parchment and a quill from his pack as Kayne took another swig. “So yous is writing a book about our story and you want me to tell you how it really went down, right? Sure I can do that no prob. I shall give my unbiased and complete accurate recollection of said events. Now where to start? Oh I know” He said with a grin, “I’ll start at the beginning.”

“It all started one night when I was polity showing some blokes, who had a wee bit too much to drink, the door of this fine establishment so they could be on their merry way. It was at said moment that two strangers came up to me and offered to buy me a drink. Oh that reminds me, this will make a good chapter for your book. Let’s call it Kayne’s great life lessons. Number one, if some bloke offers to buy ye a drink, always order from the top shelf. Otherwise said bloke might get offended because he will think that you think that he cannot afford to pay for the top shelf. So it’s just common decency to order from the top shelf.”

But anyways, the two strangers. You probably already know of them as thems will be important people in the tale so of course you know of them. Now the first of course was Ace, a young blue girl with a cute smile. And fortunately she does that a lot, she smiles a lot. But before you get any ideas, I must disappoint ya, as she and the other one, who ya may guess was Spade, were madly in love with each other. I mean that one was obvious from the get go as and I’ll tell you why if ya swear to keep it to yarself as I don’t want ya to embarrass the guy. See when Spade got a good look at me, it became clear to all that he felt threatened by the shear masculinity that are my muscles. And who can blame him. “ Kayne proclaimed smugly as he started to flex. “Have you ever seen beauties with this level of perfection? Not many I guess. I tell ya, yer employer, allies and friends might betray ya, yer weapons and gear might break down on ya, but your muscles will never betray ya. Oh that’s another good lesson for in ma chapter right there. Kayne’s life lesson number two, always keep your body in tip top shape and it will never betray ya or let ya down. But I’m getting of track again, sorry I tend to do that from time to time when I get excited about something. So anyway, once Spade regained his composure, he loudly proclaimed for the whole inn to hear that he and Ace were partners. I tell ya, Spade good guy, smart guy, capable guy but he has no sense for the romance. I mean there are a lot sweeter and kinder things to call your sweetheart than just yer partner. It’s just too formal and embarrassing. Or at least, that’s what I thought about them for a while at least after I met him. I mean I’ll let ya in on something, I aint always the best at reading people from time to time. So I sometimes make slight mistakes and make wrong guesses about peoples. But anyway, they gave me a letter from some bloke called Torrok, who wanted to meet in an inn called The Broken Anvil in a couple of days. Not one of ma usual watering holes but I knew the place so I told them that I would be there. Then they finished their drink and went on their way.

So couple of days later, when I got to the inn, there were already some people waiting for me. I’m gonna make a guess and assume that ya already know who I’m talking about, but just in case I’ll give ya some quick first impressions that I got from them. I already told ya about Ace and Spade, so I’ll move on to Yanika. Now Ace might have a cute side going for her, but Yanika has a more refined beauty going for her. But don’t get me wrong though, she’s not just a pretty face. I aint lying when I say that I think she might be the smartest of us all, so there. Next was Aitlas and I was a bit surprised to see another half-giant in the group. Not that I’m complaining as he is the only one of us that I can look in the eye without having to bend over. So I was happily surprised. Next we have Majid and I remember thinking to myself that that is one shifty bloke. I mean he was always looking over his shoulder, as if he was afraid that someone would clonk him on the head from behind. And he also has that walk. Ya know the one, that carefull calculating stride as he goes. Like a cat stalking a mouse. And lastly we had Zebulor. At first I figured that they needed someone to hold a chair warm so they just picked the first bloke they met on the streets. So I didn’t really pay him any mind at the time. But anyway, those were my first opinions of them. Mind you later as I got to know them better, my opinions changed.

Now wees was there for a long time, waiting for Torrok to show up when some Hob busted into the room. He told us that Torrok sent him in order to retrieve the sword he gave us. But seeing as we had never met Torrok and we knew nothing bout no sword, it didn’t take that long for the others to figure out that things were amiss. They confronted the Hob and he started to panic as he ran out of the room calling out to his pals for assistance.

Now at that point, folks was running out of the room and into the bar where a good old brawl was starting to get started between us, the Hob, some normal gobs and some kind of grey gnome with the cutest little kitten that yous have ever seen. Now as thems was struggling a bit, I decided to show off a bit, you know for fun. So I really stoked the flames in my gut so I could really get the blood flowing as I charged in and brought my hammer, the big one, down on top of the Hob. Now I aint joking when I say that my mighty turned him into a puddle. It was rather badass. But after that mighty blow the fight didn’t last long as the rest o them were pushovers and the ones with me aren’t bad to have in a fight.

Now we didn’t kill all of them as we caught one of them gobs as well as the ugly gnome. Thus Zebulor, Majid , Ace and Spade decided to ask them some motivated questions. So it didn’t take them long to tell us that their boss, some kind of Bugbear mage, captured Torrok and that he wants the sword that Torrok had with him. Some kind of silver blade or the like. Speaking of which, Yanika found some kind of bottle in between Torrok’s stuff and after looking it over for a while she told us that it apparently turns iron into silver or something of the like. So that was quite nifty.

Anyways while thems was doing that, I was taking care of the kitty. Now I really wanted to keep it, I mean it was just the cutest little thing and I was planning things out. But sadly I had no place to put it. I mean the boss of this place here wouldn’t like me keeping it and it would just be sad to keep it locked up into my little room. I mean there’s barely enough room for me. So after thinking it over, I decided to do the right thing and find a nice little spot just outside of town and set it free. Broke my heart to do, but I remember that warm fuzzy feeling deep down that comes with doing a good deed. After that I went back to the broken anvil, and seeing that the rest took the time to get a breather, we decided to go over to the hideout of the gang in the racks in order to get Torrok back.

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