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Arcanin Guild working theories: Two Estar Acros entities

Recent revelations have forced us to reconsider our basic assumptions, namely that there might be two entities that look like Estar Acros.

If we use as our working hypothesis that there is an Estar A and an Estar B, what would this look like?

Estar A:

  • Works in lab A during day. Regals the Arcanin Guild with stories in the evening.

  • Overly friendly, somewhat self-absorbed and fond of telling tall tales. Generally not a good liar.

  • Has little fondness for flowers, but receives many from fans.

  • Participated in Burn Bright engine disaster 15 years ago

  • Has a old picture of a female Elf in his lab (only based on his presence there during the day)

  • Is wealthy, has access to a wide array of artificer tools

Estar B:

  • Meets up with Maerissa at night.

  • Acquires rose flowers from somewhere. Has no problem stealing from the Guild Hall pantry.

  • More closed and outwardly hostile. Hard to read, even with magical means.

  • Probably the one that tried to purchase specialized tools from the Right Ingredient several weeks ago (based on described demeanor). A strong suspect for the assault on The Gearhead.

What they have in common:

  • Both seem to look like Estar Acros.

  • Both have access to the Arcanin Guild Hall.

  • Both have talents within the arcane and artificer arts.

Current theories:

  • Twins (traditionally a good one and an evil one)

  • Burn bright engine accident or other adventure duplicated Estar somehow

  • Run-away Simulacrum (I hear this can be a problem for mages)

  • Selective memory wipe making it only seem like there are two Estars, need to check if the timeline could somehow work.

  • Two personalities in one body, although seems unlikely as they do not have access to the same resources.

  • Strong magic user or creature impersonating Estar for nefarious ends (Eric the lich?)


  • Keep watch at night if Estar B return to the Arcanin Guild Hall

  • Track movements of either Estar during the past few days

  • Double-check which weapons are being used by either Estar (The Gearhead assault was done probably with a sword, while Estar A may favour the rapier)

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