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Ace of Spades Eric case final report

Final report: Eric case (#Y2-703), presented to employer Brand

Culprit with 90% certainty: Grimlock living in the sewers [See attached]

Description: Humanoids with slightly-scaled thick grey skin. Very aggressive and opportunistic. Wear few clothes and exist mostly as scavengers. Tame giant toads to consume their foes. They have occupied the undercity under the Racks and are making use of secret tunnels to access houses and stores.


  • Eric was brutally murdered with an almost animal savagery.

  • The murder was done with a large weapon or someone with above average strength.

  • Grimlock tunnels were found close to Eric's house.

  • Items stolen from Eric's house were found among Grimlock dwellings in the sewers. [See small trinket attached]

  • Witnesses report that Eric's wife, Linda, ran away with her child, Jessie, during a fight involving Grimlocks.

This is the timeline we propose:

  • Eric had recently come into possession of some valuable items during his work at the garbage patch

  • The Grimlocks have become aware of Eric's possessions as they spied upon the Racks

  • They ventured out and stole from those possessions that belonged to Eric. Eric was killed. His wife fled.

  • None of your look-outs were aware of the Grimlocks as they are able to move underground.

If you wish to inspect one of the Grimlock tunnels yourself, you can find one in the back of the basement of the butcher on Soot Street. The butcher is however missing.

The tunnels may link up to the Black Maze. We investigated some parts of it, and found some evidence of dark doings within it. The Grimlocks may be involved.

We have completed our assignment and delivered those whom the evidence suggests killed Eric in your territory. If you wish to clear the sewers of Grimlocks, we suggest you contact some professional exterminators.

Expense report:

  • 2 x 1 day investigation: 200 gold

  • 2 x 1 day adminstration costs: 100 gold

  • 3 x near death party members: 60 gold

  • 1 x Kayne hazard fee: 20 gold

  • 8 x Armor repairs by Aitlas&family: 10 gold

  • 1 x Arcanin Guild tracker fee (Majid): 20 gold

  • 1 x Venture into the Black Maze: 50 gold

  • 1 x Yanika licensing fee: 50 gold

  • 6 x Ammunition spent: 6 silver

  • 2 x Collateral damage doors (20 gold)

Total expenses: 536 gold, 6 silver

Special client discount: 7 %

Final total: 500 gold

Deposit: 500 gold

Remainder: 0 gold

Thank you for using Ace of Spades detective agency!

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