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Elder Fey



The Spring Queen and wife to Dullahan. Titania embodies the life giving aspects of the Fey Realm. She can be kind and forgiving but is impatient and hotheaded. Of the Elder Fey she is the most nurturing and forgiving toward the mortal races. As such, she even has some followers on Ourborros among druids, hunters and farmers. 

It is Titania who approached Daghda Ara during the Genesis War to begin peace talks and she lead the negotiations on the fey side. 


The Lord of Summer. Dullahan posses the boldness and bravery of summer as well as the anger and aggression that accompany it. He is the most powerful of he Elder Fey. Dullahan is the only Elder Fey who has a standing army and who's forces occupy multiple fortresses and cities within the Fey Realm. 

Of all the Elder Fey, Dullahan holds the most resentment over the loss of the Genesis War and the establishment of the fey pact. He believes the war could have been won. In this he openly opposed his wife, Titania who negotiated the pact and ended the war.



The Duke of Autumn. Picaro is Dullahan's shield bearer and squire. Legends speak of a duel between Picaro and Dullahan long ago in which Dullahan won Picaro's servitude for an age and a day. Picaro is a creature of illusion and misdirection. He is cunning and always scheming. Of all the Elder Fey, he is the only one who understands mortals as death and rebirth are part of his domain. 



Mistress of Winter. Deirdre is the weakest of the Elder Fey. Her power is subtle as she embodies cold logic, boundless patience and healing rest. None of these things are common among fey. She is the lorekeeper and ritual master of the Elder Fey and sister to Dullahan. Although she keeps an eye on her peers she rarely if ever intervenes. Even in the Genesis War she rarely acted beyond giving council to her brother and his wife. 


Other Fey


General Meraedo

Once a trusted general of Dullahan. He challenged his master for the title of Lord of Summer and was soundly defeated and banished in to the oceans of the Fey Realm. There he regained his strength and rebuilt his army. On several occasions he has tried to defeat Dullahan but so far he has always come up short. He remains determined to one day become the Lord of Summer.  

Feyraz, claw of nature

Lord of Feyraz's Reach, guardian of Solvelis. Feyraz is an ancient fey dragon. He has control over plants and animals within his domain and his size and physical strength are without equal within the Fey Realm. He has claimed a large region near Solvelis as his hunting grounds. The king of Solvelis built a special district within the city for Feyraz to lord over in return for his protection and patronage. 



Bringer of Fear. Keres' domain within the Umberrealm is caught in constant dusk. Evil and dangerous things lurk within the shadows, preying on those who let their guard down for even an instant. Keres delights in and feeds on the fear of mortals, luring them to his realm and trapping them within to sustain his power. Keres' eyes can be felt throughout the Umberrealm, looking for a moment of weakness in which doubt and fear can creep to make you his. 



Dark Queen of Desperation. Ruling over a realm covered in continual night and darkness, Mezanna enjoys nothing more than to drain hope and willpower from her subjects and enemies. She is beautiful beyond reason, but completely unattainable. Her voice can salve even the most hurt of souls, but carries within it the knowledge that you will never hear anything as sweet ever again. Most within her domain soon forget the light of the sun and become caught in desperation and depression.  


Wing of Pain. Krona is the oldest of the Umberlords. Some say he is the last survivor of a previous universe, one that existed even before the creation on Am'Saor. He/She is neither male not female but can be either. Cold and calculating one moment and passionate the next, vile tempered and evil for one and merciful and loving for another. Krona has as many faces as there are people, but one thing is certain, Krona has been around as long as life itself.   


Other Dark Denizens


Umferat, Fang of Shadow

Despot of the Beinnborder Hills and scourge of Woodwail. Umferat is the counterpart of Feyraz. He is a jealous and sadistic ancient shadow dragon. He tolerates no intrusion in to his domain. He killed all who lived in Woodwail and made the now abandoned town his lair. 

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