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Campaign: Visions of Himmin

It has been a long day. In fact, it has been one of THOSE days. Whatever could go wrong, did go wrong. You are glad it is almost over. You are back home and ready to relax for an hour before turning in. You have grabbed some food, something to drink and an old book you love to read. You know it by heart already, but it always calms you down. Just what you need right now.
You sit down in a comfortable chair. Everything is quiet. It seems like the whole world has gone to sleep already. It is just you.


You don’t get very far in your book. The first thing you notice is a soft sound of vibrating glass. You look up and see your cup gently dancing on the small table you put it on.
You sigh, another quake. They have been happening for a few weeks now and although they aren’t dangerous, they are annoying.
You wait for the vibrations to grow stronger and for the neighbor’s dog to start barking. Every time the ground shakes that dreadful animal feels the need to wake the entire street.


The barking doesn’t come. In fact, the quake doesn’t grow stronger either. It remains a faint shaking in the background. Outside you can hear the wind picking up. You get up to look through a window and you can see the empty street. Small dust devils of garbage and snow whirl from east to west. 

You get a strange feeling. Something is telling you to go outside, that someone is waiting for you there. The street is empty though.


Once more you sigh and put down your book. Annoyed you almost leap in to your coat and hurry outside, eager to get this over with.


Outside the wind is growing even stronger. It could be a storm coming in. It takes you a moment to notice the difference though. The wind isn’t cold. It is hot. It feels like a summer wind on one of the few days it actually gets truly warm up here. But it is autumn, almost winter.


You pick up on the vibrations again. Now they are growing stronger. Looking around you notice others have come outside as well. Six others have gathered in the street, all as confused about what is happening as you.

For the first time you notice the street isn’t quite right. The buildings are different, more random, as if various buildings throughout Himmin have been placed in the same street.


Both the wind and the vibrations continue to grow stronger. You look up in to the sky and then you see it, a skyship unlike any you have seen before.


The ship’s black broken hull is kept together by ivory bones of unknown creatures. It’s tattered sails flap uselessly in the wind, yet the ship moves with an astounding speed and agility. It descends from the east and races to the west, barely three feet above the rooftops. You don’t see a crew on board.


You follow the ship through the sky with your eyes and notice where it is heading. A strange dark pyramid rises from the ground, growing ever bigger and reaching high above the buildings of the Racks. As the ship reaches the pyramid it reduces speed and a gangplank is extended. The moment the ship docks at the pyramid a scream echoes through the empty street, made by a person in great pain. You grab your head and cover your ears but the scream intensifies. You feel warm blood run from your ears through your fingers.


With a jolt you sit up in your bed. The echoes of a scream still ring through the room, your scream. You look at your hands, expecting to see blood but they are clean.


You sigh and get up, realizing it is probably going to be a long day. One of THOSE days.